Spun, the Chair Edition

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This one of a kind chair may resemble a patio chair, but it’s far from it. Made completely out of carbon fiber, Danish designer, Mathias Bengtsson, called it “one of the lightest chairs ever made.”

Spun carbon fiber chair

Bengtsson also describes the chair as “natural geometrical shapes” which are shown through the Spun carbon fiber chair. Spun is actually the chairs name, clever huh! The chair was designed in 2002, and was featured at “Nordic Models + Common Ground: Art and Design Unfolded,” an exhibition of 41 objects, including furniture, architectural models, photos, lighting and textiles by 35 Nordic designers back in 2010.

An awesome fact about this chair is that Bengtsson actually didn’t use any molds to create the chairs shape. “The chair is produced by a fiber tow-on-line impregnated with resin and passed between two rotating discs as it is moved by a 6-axis robot arm. Together the discs spin approximately 50 meters of carbon fiber on the diagonal as the chair travels through the cycles and back again. When finished, the chair is cured in an oven to toughen the fibers. Despite its substantial strength, the finished chair weighs only 1-2 lbs.”

Spun carbon fiber chair

We have previously featured a bench also called Spun, designed by the same guy, Mathias Bengtsson. The bench is a warehouse size structure is actually both a bench and an incredible piece of artwork made out of carbon fiber and weighs only 11 pounds.

The carbon fiber Spun chair, while looking awesome, doesn’t appear to be too comfortable. So maybe it would do better as an artistic piece or just home decor. If you are interested in purchasing one for yourself, you can find it at Moss for $5,900.

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