Take a Seat Carbon Fiber

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The Darwin 2012 Chair, is one of a kind. I know, we say that about everything around here, but seriously, once something gets produced in a carbon fiber version, it often times becomes a one-off and noticeably cooler.

Go Carbon Darwin 2012 carbon fiber wood chair

The chair was designed and produced by Go Carbon. Go Carbon was founded in 2011, when Olympic medalist Andrew Simpson met with master craftsman Alex Newton. The two began brainstorming and discussing the potential for future projects. The third partner at Go Carbon is Simpson’s brother in law, James Tyler, an expert in the timber and furniture trade. “This unique collaboration has led to the the fusion of carbon and wood, and has resulted in beautiful timeless, handcrafted pieces of furniture.”

The first prototype of the Darwin Chair was in 2012, which ended up being very well received at the Top Drawer Show back in January. Go Carbon has since launched The Darwin 2012, which is available in a limited quantity of 500 chairs, celebrating the success of the London Olympics.

Take a Seat Carbon Fiber

The chairs are handmade in England, using carbon fiber and wood. All of the wood used comes from sustainable sources. The chair has to ship built, as there are ebony wedges in the top of the legs. The retail price is about $3,815 USD at the time of this article. Be sure to check back with Go Carbon as they promise exciting new products in the coming months.

[Source: Go Carbon]