Move Over Rollerblades, the Chariot Skates are in Town

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At first I wasn’t totally sure how I felt about these. I couldn’t decide if I was dying to try a pair, or if I thought they were the dumbest looking things I have ever seen. But after some research, I am totally dying to try these! And the ‘these’ I am referring to, are these innovative and revolutionary carbon fiber skates known as Chariot Skates, that are essentially a cross between the two sports of skiing and cycling. Take a look at the pictures before you keep reading, so you have a better idea of what I am talking about!

Chariot skates

With a patented design and a light weight carbon composite construction, these unique, large wheels, allow for the rider to gain and maintain momentum with less effort, greater stability and more maneuverability. They also allow you to skate over rougher terrain or ski down grassy slopes, and commute like a bicycle free of seat & handle bars. The riders feet are suspended below the main wheel’s axle which provides a lower center of gravity.

Chariot skates

One major question comes to mind, how do you stop? There are a few ways, says inventor Michael Jenkins. One is just like ski’s, the rider can learn to control their speed by using a slalom motion or using the T-stop technique. Another method the company explains is,

“with the use of gloves or specially designed wrist guards that we are developing, you grab each of the main wheels with your hands and apply the required pressure. It will take practice to develop your technique, and by applying more pressure to either one of the tyres you can control your direction. Advanced skaters may opt not to use this method just as advanced skiers never snow plow to stop, or advanced skates are not fitted with brakes. Nonetheless, it is a good technique to learn. “

The Chariot Skates websites actually has an entire page dedicated to facts about carbon fiber, which did not teach me anything about the carbon fiber usage on the skates, but had some interesting information for anyone curious. There is also a FAQ page with many more questions and answers about the skates if you so desire.

To purchase your very own pair, you can do so directly from the website, although it seems they are produced in a limited quantity. At the time of this article, the company website has reduced the price for a limited time to $4,250 which excludes taxes, import duties and/or customs handling fees. Live near the Santa Monica area? They are currently available for rent through Spokes n Stuff on Santa Monica beach.


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Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.