Naughty or Nice, this Sled is Badass

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Are you on the nice list this year? Do you think Santa owes you something big? Well we may have just what you should ask for. This extreme, carbon fiber sled from Snolo Sleds, called the Stealth-X, is the product of years of research and testing, 6 to be exact.

Snolo carbon fiber Stealth-X sled

The Stealth-X, as previously mentioned, is made mostly out of carbon fiber. This allows for the sled to be used on soft powdery snow as well as hard compact snow. The mono shell, the front ski and the front arm are the full carbon fiber parts of the sled, explained in greater detail below:

“The mono shell is made of carbon fibre. It is contour molded to comfortably fit your lower body and has a foam padded seat in the base with a flip up padded back rest. The laid back seating position allows both stability and comfort in steering and leaning. When not in use the back rest folds down, and shoulder straps which are attached to the rear of the sled move from their job as a lap belt to that of a backpack harness. To enhance your safety, a lanyard attaches from the sled to the rider whenever the sled is in use.”

“The single front ski is made of carbon fibre. The foot pegs are attached to the top of the ski with a runner which can be adjusted forwards and backwards to suit the height of the rider. A great feature of the Stealth-X is the ability for the front ski to be removed and slotted in to the mono shell, so the entire sled can be worn as a backpack, making it ideal for back country exploring.”

Besides the fact that this sled is appealing on looks alone, it has almost solved everyone’s biggest problem with sleds, carrying them back up hill for every ride! With it being made from carbon fiber, it weighs less than your average sled and it folds down so you can wear it like a backpack. Hello genius! Did I mention that the sled can be maneuvered like a motorcycle or a bike? While sitting in the race car position, you can lean into corners to avoid those pesky tree’s that hop in your way.

Snolo carbon fiber Stealth-X sled

Sounds too good to be true? That’s because it is. The Stealth-X will cost you a hefty sum of $3000. That is a lot of money for such a seasonal adult toy! I’ll just stick with my plastic, easily breakable sled for now. But if you’re going to ask Santa for one, you can direct him to the Snolo Sled website to get yours.

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