Wallypowder Carbon Fiber Ski’s Give you Wally Power

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Winter is only a few weeks away which means it’s time to break out those dusty skis and snowboards. But if you own a pair of these Wally carbon fiber skis, I should hope they aren’t dusty and either on display somewhere or kept securely packaged inside your home.

Wally carbon fiber skis

Founded by Italian businessman Luca Bassani in 1994, Wally started out primarily as a sail boat design firm and have more recently branched out into designing cutting edge motor yachts and is now considered one of the most premier yacht builders. Based in Monaco, Wally’s sleek and modern style has helped make them as successful as they are today.

“Based upon carbon fibre technology developed for racing yachts, Wally//Labs used Finite Element Analysis to create skis that are exceptionally light and efficient. Wally//Ski delivers unmatched precision, comfort and stability on and off the piste.”

These skis, called Wallypowder, are said to be 30% lighter than your average ski and 176 cm long. The carbon fiber is accompanied by ash and birch wood, titanium accents and steel edging. These are definitely some serious high-tech, high-performance skis.

Wally carbon fiber skis

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