The Carbolution Project

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“The Carbolution Project”. With a name like that, we were instantly intrigued. The Carbolution project is the ultimate mountain freeride sled. Made mostly out of carbon fiber, this snowmobile is both powerful, lightweight and rides like a champ.

C3 PowerSports is the main company that has been working on this project, an “800XP with a modified turbo kit from R&D Turbo, and a customized stock pipe. It will be using the new C3 SyncroDrive to power the 250hp to the 162″ Arctic Cat Powerclaw track. With the Fox Floats and Nextech rear skid, this sled will be able to handle it all!” But there have been plenty other folks and sponsors who have helped along the way.

C3 carbon fiber snowmobile

The sled, or snowmobile, whichever you prefer, also utilizes C3 PowerSports new liquid perimeter cooling system with their own coolers, which have been adapted to help keep the turbo heat down. They also modified the turbo kit in order to make it more efficient and to reduce the weight, which is 413.5 lbs when its has coolant and some gas in it, the dry weight is just under 198 lbs.

Now to the interesting stuff, the carbon fiber parts! This sled features a C3 carbon fiber XP dash/console which forms the headlight, dash and tank console into one piece. It also has a carbon fiber hood which helps complete the awesome look of the sled  It reduced the weight down in half, from a typical stock sled hood. Carbon fiber XP side panels are also used which only way about 1.6lbs each and look stunning. And last, but not least, the carbon finer chassis:

“Combining the Ski-Doo 800 XM/XP and the 1200 XR with one of our carbon fiber chassis will result in unparalleled handling and response giving you the most versatile sled on the mountain.
The first one-piece carbon fiber chassis had four objectives; to improve performance, strength and reliability while significantly reducing overall weight. By creating a one-piece monocoque chassis made entirely out carbon fiber, C3 was able to achieve its design objectives and successfully reduced the weight of BRP’s lightest factory chassis by over 30lbs.”

C3 carbon fiber snowmobile chassis

See the below video for how the chassis is made from scratch, it’s quite impressive:

Riders have all agreed, this snowmobile rides like no other, saying it feels at least 100 pounds less than others, which is probably because it is 100 pounds less. It is quite costly for the entire package, so C3 also sells the aftermarket parts separately if your’re looking to build your own. Even the full carbon fiber chassis is sold separately.  Make sure to check out the Carbolution Project website for specific pricing and more info. Awesome job guys!

[Source: C3 Sports]

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.