Stealth: The Carbon Fiber Table That Seats 12

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Brought to you straight from the Carbon Fiber Gear store, we eagerly introduce, The Stealth Table. This astoundingly beautiful piece of furniture is made completely out of real carbon fiber. And while some may look at it as just that, furniture, to us, it’s a piece of art. A piece of art that you probably wouldn’t let your friends play a game of beer pong on, even though you could.

“The Stealth Table found its genesis in the idea of building the engineers bending moment diagram coupled with the aesthetics of Formula One racing. Beyond this interest it was also important that the design highlighted the enviable capacity of composite construction to allow for smooth and organic junctions between different elements, in this case the transition between table top and legs. The resulting simple form was thought not to dominate the magical visual quality of the carbon fiber itself. The table surface is in fact not flat but fabricated with a 6mm positive camber. The camber is in part lost to the dead load of the table but some remains to provide the table with a subtle & uncanny convexity. The effect is a glint at the center of the table and a feeling of strength in the form. The legs terminate with bright blue anodized aluminum feet.”

Stealth carbon fiber table

Stealth carbon fiber table

It’s hard to tell that there is carbon fiber in the above pictures, but rest assured, the weave is there and it’s beautiful:

Stealth carbon fiber table

“If the table was completely flat, it would appear to droop. You need to have visual as well as actual strength,” says John, the architect and furniture designer behind this carbon fiber beauty.

The dimensions of the carbon fiber Stealth Table read 3000mm (About 10ft) in length, 900mm (about 3ft) in width and 720mm in height (about 2.4ft), 80mm thick in belly and 6mm thick at edge. Those dimensions allow it to fit up to 12 people at one time. The tables one piece appeal is a subtle difference for a table that gives it a very organic look. The Stealth also received a design award in the International Composite Design Competition in Brussels, in 2002.

Stealth carbon fiber table

If you love the The Stealth Table as much as we do, order yours today as they take a good 12 weeks to be built to its entirety (Although at the time of writing there are 2 in-stock without wait). You can buy yours for $15,100 (15,000 Australian dollars) in our store.

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.
  • matt

    would be interesting to find out how heavy it is

    • I don’t have an accurate number but it’s between 88-110 pounds. You don’t want a table being as lightweight as carbon fiber can be for obvious reasons.

  • dom

    such a beautiful table! great project, it’s an amazing work. thanks for sharing it.

  • JPH

    Beautiful table. If it were 3k I could afford it for my family. At 15k the price is too high for us. I will look around here in Michigan, we need a large table for twelve. Hard to find. Yours is a beautiful inspiration.