Italy’s Aznom Releases $19,000 Black Widow Carbon Fiber Table

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Aznom’s Black Widow table consists only of aluminum, glass and carbon fiber. We know what you’re thinking, this table shares a striking resemblance to a headless transformer, rest assured, its not. Similarly though, this table was constructed with speed and mobility in mind. For those that don’t know of Aznom, they are a luxury design, manufacturing, and marketing firm.

The construction of the Black Widow table began with a single piece of aluminum which Aznom engineers used for the legs. Carbon fiber covers the lower halves of each leg, enhancing the table’s luxurious style. Also adding that carbon fiber, competitive car look.

The Black Widow doesn’t exactly remind me of Cal Yalmon’s Carbon Fiber Hexa Desk, but comparing the two was pretty fun. For someone unfamiliar with carbon fibers muscles, they could easily look at either of the structures and become curious how a piece of such thick glass can be held up by such a small amount of material. But for anyone reading this, we know better.

Each leg is supported by a central structural carbon-beam and connects to the “spine” of the Black Widow for ultimate sturdiness. Layering sheets of carbon together until 8mm of thickness is reached generates the “spine”, also known as the central carbon tube. Many sailboats are constructed this way to ensure maximum resistance to weight.

Aznom carbon fiber table

The tube has aluminum joints on each end that connect with the legs. Complex calculations allow for even distribution of weight coming from the glass covering (the top of the table). The clear glass allows for visibility of the whole structure, which is my favorite feature.

Aznom carbon fiber table

Aznom carbon fiber table

Each leg stands on an adjustable aluminum “foot” and adjustments can easily be made using your standard Allen wrench. The combination of aluminum and carbon fiber make for an extremely lightweight object with an enormous amount of strength and durability.

Aznom carbon fiber table

The silver and black motif of this table will spruce up even the most modern of rooms. Its architectural structure and unconventional being will be the biggest driver behind this products demand. What would it take for you to get one in your home?  For a measly 13,000 Euros or about $19,000 USD (at the time of this writing) it can be yours!  It can be ordered here.

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.
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  • Pablo

    Neat design, considering though, that the carbon is pretty much a superfluous design element, I’d say it’s about 14,000 dollars overpriced.

  • C Bad

    I wouldn’t necessarily claim the carbon used is a superfluous design element. Sure, aluminium is lighter than stainless steel, but the amount used here makes this table quite heavy! Using carbon on the legs and the connecting central tube allows this table to reduce the overall weight.