X-Craft Launches Carbon Fiber Inflatable Boat

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With the summer approaching us, I figured it’s only right to feature one of everybody’s favorite warm weather toys, a boat. The X-Craft X8.5 RIB (rigid inflatable boat), a combination of luxury and comfort, is constructed from both carbon fiber and titanium.

X-Craft carbon fiber RIB

X-Craft, a Dutch company, is the builder of the X8.5 RIB.

The first of its kind was delivered to its American owner last summer and came with a customized design. The X-Craft X8.5  comes equipped with two Mercury Verado 300hp engines, giving it the capability to reach speeds up to 65 knots. The highest model features a full carbon fiber body, keeping the overall weight down, which gives greater life to the boats travels.

X-Craft carbon fiber RIB

Fully developed by X-Craft, are the lightest shock absorbing seats in the world which are also known as the X-Craft Full Carbon. They consist of only carbon fiber and titanium, ensuring that its weight stays below 9.5kg. The seats have a patented suspension system that cushions even the strongest of blows. This is a great attempt at making sportive boating comfortable enough for the whole family to enjoy! They are said to be extremely safe, stable and comfortable. Don’t quote me on that as I have yet to try them out myself!

X-Craft carbon fiber RIB

Other customizable features available to add the the luxurious nature of this sea cruiser, include a metallic finishing, stainless steel radar arch, swimming ladder and a towing eyelet.

From the sounds of it, the X-Craft X8.5 is truly an enjoyable experience on the water. With comfort, luxury and carbon fiber beauty in mind, the makers of this RIB definitely seem to know what they are doing.


[Source: Born Rich]

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.
  • tim

    check your facts.

    extremeribs.eu is building carbon fibre ribs for several years


    gr tim

    • Thanks for the heads up on that Tim, I had seen Extreme RIBs before, but Ali had not. We’ve adjusted the post accordingly.

  • They look very stylish and have room to carry quite a few passengers. Any chance that one day they will be driven by eco-friendly means?


    How fast can they go with 8 passengers? What is the cost for an 8 passenger boat? Can you get other outboards?