The Hublot Ferrari Tribute Watch that Costs More than a Ferrari

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Watchmaker Hublot partnered up with Ferrari to commemorate the new LaFerrari with a Tourbillon watch that will require about $300,000 from your bank account.  The watch, known as the MP 05 “LAFERRARI”, is part of a 50 piece numbered series (yes, that’s about $15 million worth of watches) from Hublots Masterpiece Collection.  So what’s behind such an expensive piece?  Lets find out what’s so special.

Hublot MP 05 LaFerrari watch

The first thing you’ll notice is the extremely unique design.  The case is made of a microblasted black PVD titanium, and course a small accent of carbon fiber surrounded by titanium…the part we love.  The watch has a crazy 637 components for the movement, which is also equipped with a Tourbillon.  There are 11 barrels which allows for a world record 50 day power reserve.  That means you can wind it, and not have to do so again for 50 days.  The Tourbillon is suspended vertically and can be seen from the bottom side of the watch.  The back side is open, allowing you to see the insides.

Hublot MP 05 LaFerrari watch back

While it may not be so obvious how to tell time on it, it’s quite easy once you know.  The time is shown on the right side of the barrel.  The numbers on the left indicate the power reserve so you know when it will need a winding.  The red lines are reminiscent of Ferrari colors.

Hublot MP 05 LaFerrari watch

If you’re spending $300,000 on a watch, you better be sure the packaging is up to par as well.  Not to worry, the watch comes packaged in a Schedoni leather and carbon fiber box.  Not only that, you’ll get a dedicated winding drill that you can use to wind the watch or set the time.

Hublot MP 05 case and tool

Hublot worked hand-in-hand with Ferrari to develop a watch that shares common points in technical and designs terms with the LaFerrari hypercar.  If you’re interested in picking one up, head to the product page on Hublot to find a retailer.

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Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.