Hublot ‘Inspiration’ Headphones Sound Like Carbon Fiber

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Christmas in August anyone? These noise canceling headphones not only do their job seamlessly, they also look amazing while doing so. The blacked out headphones, unveiled at Baselworld 2013, come with a very generous amount of carbon fiber.

Hublot Monster carbon fiber headphones

The Hublot ‘Inspiration’ by Monster headphones were a collaborative effort. Combining both expertise and luxury, the two companies achieved an awesome product with a breathtaking music listening experience. The headset itself features carbon fiber ear cups with a brushed aluminum finish. The headband is made from authentic leather and is of course adjustable.

The headphones come with the world’s first implementation of dual mono amplification and to ensure the noise canceling aspect, the headphone is built around two microphones. One of them handles constant sounds while the other cuts out intermittent noises. Other fun features include a direct USB audio feed, wireless Bluetooth with advanced AAC and APT-X codecs, along with user controlled sound shaping technology. Oh oh and ControlTalk technology allows the listener to make and take phone calls!

Hublot carbon fiber headphones with watch

Audio engineer at Monster Noel Lee, who also designed Beats By Dre, had this to say about the Inspiration headphones,

“Fine watches like those from Hublot are a lifestyle enhancing purchase for many people today, especially those who appreciate the very best things in life. Hublot is a world leader in the manufacture of exquisite watches with a lifestyle flair, so it’s only fitting that Monster create the world’s highest performance luxury headphone, using many of the same brand aesthetics and impeccable qualities reflected in Hublot’s renowned history of fine watchmaking. Hublot customers also love music, and love to express their passion for music. The debut of Hublot Inspiration by Monster is a major step forward in the luxury headphone experience.”

These lightweight, carbon fiber Hublot ‘Inspiration’ by Monster headphones will be available at Hublot retailers worldwide by the end of the summer for $2,275. And from the looks of it, they may even be offered in a few colors with matching watches. Try them out to experience this sound for yourself and let us know how you like them!

Hublot headphones with colored watches

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Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.