A $300,000 Carbon Fiber Ferrari You Wear on Your Wrist

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Here at Carbon Fiber Gear, we like to think of ourselves as slightly modest, so we feel pretty comfortable saying $300,000 is a lot of money. You can buy a lot with $300,000…like your own Ferrari…or in this case, you can buy a little.  A watch, yes, a watch. Today, we are pleased to bring you a combined effort between Ferrari and high-end watch maker Cabestan, the Scuderia Ferrari One watch.

Cabestan Scuderia Ferrari One carbon fiber watch

Obviously, our favorite thing about this watch is the strip of carbon fiber in the middle bridge section. As for the strap, our second favorite thing about this watch, designers used materials from seats and steering wheels utilized in actual Ferrari’s.

Earlier this year, Ferrari split with long time partner Panerai. Their collaborative collection was difficult to sell in stores and customers were frequently dissatisfied. Starting in 2005, the two companies had a 5 year contract, which was fulfilled. Over the past few months, watch fanatics anticipated Ferrari’s next chosen partner.

Cabestan Scuderia Ferrari One carbon fiber watch

Swiss watch making atelier Cabestan is the one. Cabestan designer, Jean-François Ruchonnet designed this classic timepiece with race cars in mind. He created this watch in order to embody excitement and paid close attention to details of existing Ferrari’s. Ferrari design director Flavio Manzoni played a huge role in the design as well, basing the design off of parts from a Formula 1 car.

Here is the sad part, as if finding out the Scuderia Ferrari One costs $300,000 isn’t sad enough, Ferrari and Cabestan have produced this watch in a limited quantity of 60 watches, being sold exclusively to Ferrari owners only. Better luck next time, at least for us. And for those of you who don’t own a Ferrari and have no shot of wearing one of these wild watches, check out our watch selection or the carbon fiber watches we’ve already written about in the blog.

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Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.
  • Javed@Forged-Lifestyle

    WOW looks great, for the price of a F430?

  • With only 60 being made, I bet they sell out quickly.

  • awesome watch………………………..wonderful watch i have ever seen in my life……….lovely.