Purisme Carbon Fiber Letter Opener: A True Work of Art

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Update 8/9/11: This item can now be purchased directly in our store here.

Austrian studio Purisme has designed an absolutely gorgeous piece of art…and it’s a letter opener. You may ask yourself, a letter opener? How can you make that look good? Just take a look:

Purisme carbon fiber letter opener in box

Purisme carbon fiber letter opener top

Winner of the Red Dot product design award, the letter opener is a visual masterpiece.  The letter opener is made from 100% carbon fiber, and it is extremely lightweight…coming in at just 7 g (.015lbs).  There’s really no way to explain how light it is until you have one in your hand, it’s everybody’s initial reaction (wow, I can barely even feel it).

Purisme carbon fiber letter opener

While Purisme was not able to tell us about the manufacturing process, they did let us in on a little secret…it’s manufactured in the same production center where formula 1 race car shells are built.  That’s not the only special thing about it.  The letter opener is manufactured with an amazing amount of detail, craftsmanship, and quality.  It is done so in a process that combines the latest serial production technology with traditional craftsmanship.  Each piece undergoes meticulous controls during production and an additional final inspection by Mario Zeppetzauer (the designer) who has to sign his approval before it leaves the factory.

Purisme carbon fiber letter opener

Each piece comes with an insert that provides information on the piece, as well as  a serial number and signature from the designer.  On top of that it’s fitted with a specially developed RFID-TAG programmed with a personal message from the designer, a true display of the technology behind this normally bland and simple tool.

Puriseme carbon fiber letter opener insert

The design is inspired by speedboats and blackbirds.  Mario was fascinated by the idea of placing a representation of pure dynamic power back on those desks from which power is projected every day.  He found his inspiration in the sleek lines of racing speedboats and the speed record jet plane, the Lockheed Blackbird, and it is very apparent.

Lockheed Blackbird

The Purisme carbon fiber letter opener is not cheap, it’s priced at about $350 USD, but it is a true work of art.  Understanding that you are buying it as art, an appreciation of good design and a display of excellence in manufacturing craftsmanship, it’s quite an investment.  It can be purchased directly in our store here.

Purisme carbon fiber letter opener on envelope black background

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Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.
  • Amanda

    The weight of this thing is remarkable. When you first look at it, it seems like it will weigh a ton. Then you pick it up and you have to double check that it’s still in your hand its so light.

  • Abso-tutely spectacular! I migh add some kind of a stand to hold it upright, so that it could actually serve as a small industrial sculpture on the desk of the lucky owner and be viewed by curious co-workers and intrigued clients.