Backgammon Game gets Carbon Fiber Makeover

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One of the oldest board games in the world has finally gotten a makeover. Unique and elegant, this Backgammon case is made completely out of carbon fiber.

Carbofan, the maker of the carbon fiber Backgammon set, is a company run by Stephan Hemmers. Hemmers worked from 2000-2010 for the Panasonic Toyota F1 racing team as a Senior Design Engineer Composite. With a past in F1 cars, we see why Hemmers would choose to utilize carbon fiber, as it is both aesthetically pleasing and super lightweight.

Carbon fiber backgammon game

While the outside of the case is 100% carbon fiber, the inside board also contains colored carbon and texalium elements. The playing stones are stainless steel which are 24 carat gilded and fine silvered, with circular carbon fiber windows found in the middle. The set also includes two precision cut dice that “are neutral in weight because of their engaged points and therefore giving the highest feeling for the player. Every die (pair) has its own serial number. A set of handmade leather dice cups is included.”

Carbon fiber backgammon game

Whether you are a gamer or collector, this is one Backgammon set you won’t want to pass up. Unfortunately they are only being made in a limited edition set of 99 pieces and will cost you a little over $25,000. Wow, I guess only serious gamers, collectors or crazy carbon fiber fanatics will get their hands on this game. Next I want to see a carbon fiber Monopoly board.

[Source: Born Rich]