LG Secret Black Label Series Carbon Fiber Mobile Phone

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LG has a new ‘Black Label’ series of phones which currently includes the Chocolate, the Shine, and the Secret.  The Black Label Series represents a premium line of highly stylish handsets, and the Secret definitely fits that model.  One quick thing to note is the Secret is not available in the US, you can find a list of available countries (it pretty much seems to be everywhere else) on LG’s micro site.  I did find a bunch of unlocked LG Secret’s on eBay, so that is an option if you want to bring one into the US.

LG Secret carbon fiber phone

The reason we’re most interested in the Secret Black Label Series handset is because of the use of carbon fiber (or carbon fibre overseas) on the phone.  The phone features a carbon fiber backing with a scratch resistant protector.  LG points it out nicely:

Strong enough to resist scratches yet appealing to the senses of fashionable people, Carbon Fibre is set to emerge as the keyword for premium designs.  It’s a unique fashion point of LG Secret, style that lasts.

I’m not 100% sure what it is, but based on Engadget español’s unboxing pictures, it looks to come with some sort of carbon fiber key chain type of unit as well:

Carbon fiber LG Secret keychain

The design of the phone is gorgeous, outside of the carbon fiber, it utilizes metal, glass, and fake leather to give it a real unique and high-end look.

LG Secret back

Let’s cover some of the core features that stand out the most:

5 Megapixel Camera/Slow Motion Video

While the Secret is a thin phone, it still features a high quality 5mp camera.  On top of that, it offers high-speed 120 fps video recording, so you can take some really nice slow motion shots.  Here’s an example that CNet UK did from their review of the phone:

On top of this, it also does DivX recording and playback.  This will allow you to record some really high quality stuff in a small compressed file size.

Auto Rotating Display

The auto rotating display works by using an accelerometer inside the phone.  This allows the screen to adjust its view depending on how you’re holding the phone.  Extremely useful if you’re watching a video.  Another neat utilization of the technology is with games, where it has a Nintendo Wii like feel.  One of the games allows you to fish by “fishing” with the phone itself.

Google Package

We all don’t know what we’d do without Google?  The Secret has some Google functionality built right into the phone that allow you to do things like search, use Google Maps, upload directly to YouTube, and blog.

Touch Navigation

The Secret features a touch navigation, but note that it’s specifically one menu section that is most commonly used. The rest of the phone doesn’t use the touch navigation, and was one of the gripes from some of the reviews out there.

Tempered Glass

The use of tempered glass on the phone means it should be really durable, and you can expect it to last. It’s scratch resistant, and you can literally take a hammer to it (although I don’t recommend it!) without doing any damage.

Video Reviews

Here’s a few video reviews that I’ve found which you may find useful:



Stuff thought the phone was sexy, but had some complaints regarding the unresponsiveness of the touch screen. You can see in the video what the host is talking about, and I could definitely understand that becoming pretty annoying.


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Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.