Apple iPhone 3G Case-Mate Carbon Fiber Leather Cases

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The 2nd generation of the Apple iPhone, dubbed the 3G, comes out today.  One of the first accessories people will buy is a case so they can protect their new tech toy.  You may want to consider checking out a carbon fiber leather case from the guys at Case-Mate.

Case Mate Apple iPhone 3G carbon fiber leather black case

Carbon Fiber Leather

Carbon fiber leather
I was reading the press release when it came into my inbox, and I had to a do double take…carbon fiber leather…I had never heard of that before.  I tried to contact the company to have some questions answered regarding the material, but nobody would get back to me.  From what I’ve researched, the fiber is used as a lubiracant, which keeps the leather soft.  According to Case Mate’s website, the material is only used in high-end cars like the Techart Porsche, and high-end cell phones like the Vertu.  The use of carbon makes it feel more like nylon over leather, but it gives it a good grippy feel.

The carbon fiber leather is wrapped around a impact resistant plastic case, and also has a screen protector.  Case Mate offers the carbon fiber leather in both silver and black.  Retail prices come in at $50.  You can already find these on eBay here.  You can also find a variety of other Case-Mate iPhone 3G cases on eBay here, they have some neat ones like Croc skin.

Case Mate Apple iPhone 3G carbon fiber leather silver case

Update 7/22/08: Case-Mate is in the process of sending us one of these, so we’ll have a hands-on review soon.  Stay tuned by subscribing to our RSS feed or subscribing by e-mail. We’ve got our hands-on review here!

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