Tag Heuer Creates Luxurious Carbon Fiber Mobile Phone

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TAG Heuer, like many other luxury brands, has branched out of the watch making business and can now check phone maker to their resume. I am not saying that they are no longer making watches, I am just sharing their new, extremely expensive, very pretty smartphone. The Racer, is inspired by Tag Heuer heritage in GT and Formula 1 racing cars and uses carbon fiber.

Tag Heuer Racer carbon fiber cell phone

The Racer was engineered by Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer for ultimate lightness and strength, using only high-tech materials. It has a shockproof and high performance rubber chassis, screwed in titanium and a real carbon fiber back plate. The phones frame is black PVD on stainless steel with orange ink. It runs on an Android operating system and has a front camera, optimized for video calling. The sporty styling is based on the energetic lines and orange chassis of two exceptional GT sportscars.

Tag Heuer actually manufactured four different versions of the Racer but only one uses carbon fiber. The others are made from anodized aluminum, titanium, and prestige gold, respectively.

“The Racing Carbon Orange model is the icon in the TAG Heuer RACER range.  Mainly used in the aerospace and racing GT cars industries previously, carbon fiber represents the power of high performance for speed professionals. Hypoallergenic, three times lighter and five times harder than stainless steel, carbon fiber has outstanding resistance properties against pressure, chemical aggressions, wear and high temperatures. It is a very appealing material both technically and aesthetically,” as stated on the company website.

Tag Heuer Racer carbon fiber cell phone

While I can almost guarantee this smartphone is a show stopper, I don’t think it will be something you’ll frequently see walking down the street mainly because of its high price tag. And while cell phones are a highly treasured accessory these days, the technology savvy would probably opt for something else. The Tag Heuer Racer is only available in selected cities as of now and the suggested retail price is starting at 4500 euros (About $5,800 USD). You can reserve yours here today!


[Source: Tag Heuer, Pocket Link]

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.
  • This really is a beautiful smartphone – one of the most luxurious I’ve seen (though other watch manufacturers have also entered this market with some nice products of their own). However, I think many more people would be interested in them if they had a clear, simple way to upgrade the hardware and firmware. These days, since phones are technologically obsolete within a matter of years, most people are going to want to know that they $5000 phone they just bought can be upgraded over time and thus given a longer lifespan.