Cooking with Carbon Fiber: Gorenje Ora-Ito Carbon Fiber Kitchen Appliances

Household appliance manufacturer Gorenje and French designer Ora-Ito worked together to create a carbon fiber kitchen collection that is out of this world.

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A Carbon Fiber Kitchen? Seriously, could we be more jealous. Slovenian household appliance manufacturer Gorenje, in conjunction with the French designer Ora-Ito, has produced a Carbon Fiber kitchen collection that will impress just about anyone. The collection consists of a Carbon Fridge/Freezer, a Carbon Induction Hob, a Carbon Wall Freestanding Hood and a Carbon Multifunction Built-in Oven. Each appliance rates in the A energy class and features any function you could ask for.

Carbon fiber fridge

Gorenje enterprises are divided into three divisions, one being Household appliances, which is where these fabulous pieces of carbon fiber come from. They manufacture and sell appliances of their own products, along with some of other manufacturers. Ora-Ito is the name of the French designer who created the brand at just 19 years of age. Not limited to household appliances, Ora-Ito also sells bathroom accessories, cosmetics, jewelry and more.

Carbon fiber range

The new carbon fiber collection, takes Gorenje’s last top-selling collection of white and black to a whole new level. This time around they really stepped up to the plate, no pun intended. Using carbon fiber, they added exquisite features to the appliances such as the handles. Did we mention that the oven is equipped with advanced electronic direct touch control?  Note that the appliances aren’t fully made out of carbon fiber, but certain design elements such as the handles are.

Carbon fiber oven

We are thinking if we take all of these new carbon fiber appliances from the collection, and add the Custom Carbon Fiber TV and Table Base/Support from Choate Carbon, we would have one hell of a kitchen. Forget serving food when you host your next party, the appearance of your kitchen will be entertaining enough. Prices have yet to be released on these carbon fiber kitchen appliances, but we think it’s safe to assume, they’re not going to be cheap!

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.