Pocket Sized Carbon Fiber Knife

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French companies Forge de Laguiole and Ora-Ito have teamed up to design and manufacture a carbon fiber folding knife. Known as the Furtivo, this exquisite knife is just that, exquisite.

Forge de Laguiola Furtivo Ora Ito knife

Established in 1987, Forge de Laguiole has made a name for themselves in the cutlery world as one of the very finest producers of Laguiole style knives. Each of their fine knives are individually handcrafted with quality and design in mind.

It is no surprise to us that a company like Forge de Laguiole, who is so dead-set on quality and fine standards, would decide to implement the use of carbon fiber into one of their collections. As we all know, not only is carbon fiber aesthetically pleasing, it makes almost any product more durable and weigh less. Always a plus for a pocket knife!

Forge de Laguiola Furtivo Ora Ito knife

Ora-Ito is the name of the French designer who created the brand at just 19 years of age. Not limited to household appliances, Ora-Ito also sells bathroom accessories, cosmetics, jewelry and more. The Furtivo is not the only product Ora-Ito has released. If you refer back to an article we posted a few months ago, you can take a peek at their kitchen appliance collection.

The Furtivo includes a carbon fiber inlay on the handle and an exceptional black blade. The combined efforts are thought of as a beautiful story,

“In late 2009, a lovely story materializes between Forge de Laguiole and iconoclastic designer Ora-Ito. FORGE DE LAGUIOLE turns to the designer who has become a mostprominent artist, and sought his talents as a visionary to give a new twist to the expertise of its iconic workshops. With an acute understanding of the Forge de Laguiole codes,he designed the FURTIVO knife which is the basis of this new adventure. True icons at the forefront of technology, the creations of Ora-Ito are characterized by the purity of graphic volumes which are inspired by original form. He brings a fresh perspective to these functional objects and examines their integration into our contemporary world.”

This contemporary knife is available for 990 Euro (A little under $1,400 USD at the time of writing) and can be purchased here. Although I must warn you, the website indicates “Availability : Delivered at your shipping address at the latest for Friday 04 February 2011.” An early Valentines gift for your valentine anyone? And please note, there are a few styles available known as the basic versions but only one is carbon fiber. (hint: its all black)

Forge de Laguiola Furtivo Ora Ito knife

[Source: Not Cot]

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.
  • Ariel

    First of all, this seriously does NOT look like a real carbon composite. Besides that, as there is essentially no wight advantage to be had at that size and application (personally i prefer a folder with some heft anyway), the only benefit would be aesthetic… everybody “ooh!”s and “ah!”s at the mention of carbon, but personally i wonder how well these “exclusive” luxury item type products with no practical application of the benefits of these materials (like lets say, sporting goods and aerospace products) actually sell not that aesthetics are not important, i just wonder how well the market responds when it’s all the product gains from the application of composites… I don’t mean to be cynical by the way, as an entrepreneur with a degree in composite materials i am genuinely curious!

    anyway, congratulations on the launch! always happy to see a new composite product come to market! (even if it does re-enforce some clichés 😉