$4,500 Whisky Deserves a Real Carbon Fiber Case

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Calling all whisky enthusiasts! This rare bottle of Aurora from the Dalmore distillery, comes in a bottle made from the finest Portuguese lead crystal, adorned with a solid silver stag and neck collar engraved with the Aurora symbol. And if you think that’s something to talk about, wait until you feast your eyes on the delicately crafted carbon fiber case the bottle of malt is stored in.

Dalmore Aurora whisky with a carbon fiber box

The carbon fiber case is said to be a “meticulously crafted bespoke lacquered carbon fibre case” The case comes with a solid silver stag and engraved with the Aurora symbol as well. Aged 45 years and set to cask on April 29th of 1964, this fine malt is only making its way to a mere 200 decanters.

“The Northern Lights, is a shimmering kaleidoscope of colours that twist and turn in Northern skies. A phenomenon often witnessed from The Dalmore distillery over looking the Black Isle and the inspiration for the Dalmore Aurora, a sublime 45 year old single malt, that is as rare and magical as the scintillating spectrum that dances on a star-speckled canvas,” boasts Dalmore which is based in Scotland.

The Whisky itself is described as

“a dynamic fusion of aromas of blood oranges, crushed apples and pear, and hints of Bulgarian roses, jasmine and coriander. A heart of ripe mandarins, kumquats and pineapple is intertwined with highlights of Madagascan vanilla, creamy caramel and darkest Swiss chocolate.”

Liquor packaging now starting to be produced in carbon fiber is awesome and just the type of news we love to see and share with our readers. There are so many unique ways to utilize the material we all love. As you know, carbon fiber is the new black.

The company offers personal tastings with their Master Distiller, Richard Paterson which can be arranged by emailing them at [email protected] or visiting thedalmore.com. Remember there were only 200 bottles distilled and each on goes for about $4500 USD.

Thanks to Michael for sending in the tip.

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.