Blackbird Guitars Limited Edition Carbon Fiber Ferrari Travel Guitar

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Almost two years ago we wrote about the  Blackbird Guitars carbon fiber travel guitar.  The small, lightweight guitar has gained much popularity since then.  They were commissioned by Ferrari to make a custom, limited edition Ferrari-branded Rider guitar.

Blackbird Guitars Ferrari limted edition carbon fiber guitar

The modifications include a Maranello Red interior, an accented red A string, and Ferrari Scuderia emblem….oh did I mention the guitars were signed by F1 drivers Philipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen:

Blackbird Guitars Ferrari limited edition carbon fiber guitar

Blackbird designer and founder Joe Luttwak previously worked for Ferrrari in Maranello, Italy prior to starting the guitar company.  The experience he had at Ferrari definitely played a part in the design and usage of carbon fiber material on the Blackbird Guitar.

Great acoustic guitar construction, like great race car construction, benefits from stiff and ultra light materials. Using carbon fiber, like Ferrari’s Formula 1 race cars, for the guitar’s uni-body design produces an instrument that sounds better and is much more durable than any travel guitar available today. Many ideas for Blackbird Guitar’s models were inspired by my time at Ferrari, and it’s wonderful to make a model that honors their unparalleled technology, ingenuity and success.

The guitar was available at Ferrari stores in Europe, but have already sold out.  They are however accepting special, custom orders on the Rider model…no word on cost though.  For reference the regular Rider guitar starts at $1,499.  Here’s a little video about the original guitar:

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