All Carbon Fiber BMW Z4

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We always love to see all carbon fiber vehicles, but usually they come from the factory that way, and they are some sort of supercar…like the $1.5 million Pagani Zonda Cinque.  Occasionally we see cars that aren’t originally all carbon fiber get converted, such as the carbon fiber Lotus Elise and carbon fiber Nissan 350Z.  We really appreciate the amount of work that goes into these cars, and this new BMW Z4 that was caught by BMW Tuner in Munich, Germany.

Carbon fiber BMW Z4

The car otherwise seems pretty stock, and has decals that represent Cartech Munchen, a tuner that is known to work on Porsche’s…not BMW’s.

Carbon fiber BMW Z4

Unfortunately BMW Tuning was not able to wait around to ask the owner some questions, but they are going to followup to try and get some additional info.  We’ll stay tuned with them, and update this thread for any further information that we may be able to add.

Carbon fiber BMW Z4

To see more pictures, check out the post on BMW Tuner.

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.
  • cody

    think you should have washed it first

    • Agreed, but BMW Tuner just happened to see it while they were in Germany…so it wasn’t prepped for pictures or anything.

      I tried to contact CarTech, but haven’t heard anything back.

  • Yep, I wish the car had been a bit less dusty as well… it looked like it had just come back from the German version of Burning Man!

    I did look around for the owner(s), assuming that they would’ve been watching me shoot some snapshots of their car, and would’ve loved to ask them some questions. No dice, unfortunately… Same story on my end with Cartech so far.

  • TJ

    It isn’t *real*carbon fibre. It’s that new vehicle wrap technology they have over in Europe.

    • How can you be sure?

  • E

    looks like dry carbon and chassis shouldbe still metal just all the body panals

  • easy

    HI folks.actually i know the car/owner of cartech as I´m living not to far.It´s not real cfk.just watertransferprint wraped.sorry to rip you outta ya wet dreams boys…

    • TJ called it! Thanks for the update easy, good to know it was just a wrap, and not real CF.

  • Maxx

    As TJ and Easy say this is NOT carbon fibre it is ‘3M Di-Noc’ an architectural 3D vinyl.