SEMA 2008: All Carbon Fiber Nissan 350Z

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We’ve arrived here at the Sema show in wonderful Las Vegas.  We’re going around looking for the latest and greatest in carbon fiber.  While picking up our media badges we saw this all carbon fiber 350Z outside that is worthy of being posted about on here:

Nissan 350Z made out from carbon fiber

I’m not sure who makes all of the parts on the Z, but it’s definitely a sight to see.  Here’s a few more shots, anybody that knows what parts are being used should chime in on the comments.

Nissan 350Z made out from carbon fiber

Nissan 350Z made out from carbon fiber

Update 12/2/08: An employee from the shop who’s project car this is chimed in on the comments.  The project car is from ShowStoppersUSA.  The parts on the car are from the following companies:

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.
  • That’s everything I have on it, I’m hoping the owner sees this and chimes in. You could try getting in touch with the bigger sponsors and see if they have info. Toyo Tires, Seibon, Greddy

  • Pierre

    i have googled it. cant find anything. but why cant i see the pics in larger size? when i click on them it says “the page dont excist yada yada yada”

  • Oops, those pictures shouldn’t have been clickable. Send us an e-mail, and I’ll send you the high-resolution pictures.

  • XR

    It is from Seibon. It even has Seibon written on it.

  • Pierre

    yes some of the parts are from Seibon. and some from carbon creations and mastergrade

  • ShowstoppersUSA

    Thanks for the compliments ! That is our shop car ( the parts are a mix and match of numerous companies. The body kit is from Carbon Creations, the hood, fenders, and doors are from SEIBON, and the roof and pillars are from Mastergrade Motorsport. The owners name is Richard and has put countless hours into his all while serving our country !

    • randall

      sorry to say but alot of those hours were spent in my garage with myself installing the first set of carbon fiber doors on this car richard was a good friend just figured yall would like to knwo that he had a little help on this car

  • Thanks for chiming in Showstopper, I’m glad you guys were able to clear up all the parts! Great job on the Z!

    I’ve updated the article on the bottom with all of the parts makers along with links to their respective websites.

  • This is my car what do you fellers wanna know?! Its all CF, widebody (+10f, +30R mm) Greddy twin turbo…. u name it! ask away!

  • PS i have a TON more pics of it if you ladies and gents are interested!

  • Hey Richard, about time you chimed in! 😉

    Shoot me an e-mail through our contact form, and we’ll chat pictures (and another idea I have) on there!

  • Sent Info!

  • Pierre

    Hey Man . sweet ride. doyou have a homepage or something with lots and lots of pics? 😉

    send me a mail


  • ^^ email on its way!

  • Pierre

    i noticed my link didnt work.but the adress is correct

  • SAJ

    So how much weight has been reduced by making it all carbon fibre?

  • jfish

    Can you shoot me photos of your Z. I wanna do a C.F setup,like yours. Maybe not as extreme, but i wanna do at least the doors, fenders,trunk and hood. Is the roof overlay,or full replacement? how well are the doors? did you jus swap in the handles and the window tracks? i cant actually get anymore pics or info on the doors or the roof other then the basic pics…
    all the info and pics would be greatly appreciated..thank you so much…

  • bnoland

    Is the wieght drop for the CF alone or is the car also have other things removed for the wieght loss??

  • Efeo N. Yamada

    There is a shop in japan, “ART FACTORY” that wraps entire cars in simulated carbon fiber-vinyl.
    While it may not sound too pleasant, consider the economic climate the world is currently enduring. The ends should justify the means.
    Go on, give ’em a google!

  • James

    I have a full carbon fiber front done by seibon and carbon creations, but I was wondering where I could find those back fenders in carbon fiber? Shoot me an email and let me know,

    thanks and nice car!