Travel In Carbon Fiber Style With Zero Halliburton

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Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.

I’ve been writing about carbon fiber products for years now, and one of the items that has been sitting in my draft folder since the very beginning has been the Zero Halliburton carbon fiber cases, specifically the attache and carry-on suitcase.  I didn’t want to write about them until they were available in our store, and I’m now proud to say we are official Zero Halliburton resellers!  Before getting into these, lets first gawk at a couple of pictures:

Zero Halliburton carbon fiber attache briefcase

Zero Halliburton carbon fiber carry on suitecase

For those of you that have not heard of Zero Halliburton, they are a company that specializes in “protection” and have been around since 1938.  What you probably know them most for is their classic aluminum shell cases. Zero Halliburton specializes in using premium materials in their products that are not only super functional, but also have a high-sense of good design and styling.  Carbon fiber is practically defined by that, making it an obvious material for the company to utilize. Interesting fact, a Zero Halliburton case was taken to the moon on the Apollo Mission in order to carry moon rocks back.  That’s how you know this is a brand you want to stand behind.

Even if you haven’t heard of Zero Halliburton before, you’ve probably seen their products.  Their cases have been featured in over 250 movies and TV shows including James Bond Quantum of Solace, Inception, Men In Black and Lost.

There are two carbon fiber cases in particular that we now carry in our store are the:

Zero Halliburton 4″ Carbon Fiber Attache

This is the classic Zero Halliburton attache case, in carbon fiber.  You will feel likes James Bond when carrying this around, while others may actually mistake you for him.  Although the classic case is made from aluminum, carbon fiber as we all know, weighs less!  The entire case weighing in for a grand total of 6 pounds.  The interior of the case is made of luxurious leather, with a plethora of pockets to keep everything organized.

Zero Halliburton carbon fiber attache handle

Zero Halliburton carbon fiber attache interior

Learn more and buy the Zero Halliburton 4″ carbon fiber attache

Zero Halliburton Carbon Fiber Carry On Suitcase

Checking this in will certainly solve the confusion of someone thinking your suitecase is theirs, but you’re likely traveling by private jet anyway.  This carry on is 21″ in width, has handles on both the top and side as well as an aluminum retractable handle to pull on its two wheels.  Inside you’ll find plush lining, a shoe bag and a integrated removable suiter.

Zero Halliburton carbon fiber carry on suitecase handle

Zero Halliburton carbon fiber carry on suitecase interior

Learn more and buy the Zero Halliburton carbon fiber carry on suitecase

Aside from the fact that the brand/quality is amazing, both cases are made in the USA.  It’s always nice to support a company spending time and money in domestic manufacturing. Both the attache and carry on suitcase, come equipped with ultra durable handles, heavy-duty draw bolt latches and a 3 digit combination lock for extra security.

The Zero Halliburton Carbon Fiber Attache and Carry On Suitcase can be ordered directly from our store, both currently offered with free shipping in the US. The Attache will set you back $2,500 while the Carry On Suitcase runs for $2,750. Both pieces are well worth their price and the look alone proves just that. Bearing almost no weight, these two carbon fiber pieces are the perfect durable accessories for any man on the go.

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.
  • Laurence

    Someone in Canada bought one and said it’s “Made in China” (scroll down in the link below)

    • This is true, after a long hiatus of not having anything available, Zero Halliburton changed the manufacturer to a Chinese one. The carry-on is no longer made, but the attache is available in two sizes, both are Made in China.

      With that said, I saw the review you spoke of. We have never had a quality complaint issue.

  • Stateless Man

    Would love it if they started making the carbon fibre zeroller again, mine has a couple of holes in it now. Are you listening Zero Halliburton?