When Form and Function Meet: The Tensul Carbon Fiber Money Clips

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You probably wouldn’t believe it, but we carry a wide variety of carbon fiber money clips.  It started off with the Pirate Carbon clip (still our absolute favorite), and has progressed from there.  Then we came across a new money clip unlike anything we had seen before.  Tensul is actually a composites manufacturer that decided to do a little exercise in industrial design by creating a trio of all carbon fiber money clips.

From left to right we have the “Symmetric, “Crossed”, and “Asymmetric”.  All of the clips are made with a 4×4 twill carbon fiber fabric, in pictures like above it almost makes it look not real.  A 4×4 weave is a bit more uncommon among carbon fiber products, so it gives a bit of an interesting look that you may not be used to seeing with carbon fiber.  It really plays with the light as you can see.  Tensul defines the three clips as these:

Symmetric – balanced design with maintained edges
Crossed – design elements combined for a metered discrepancy
Asymmetric – passing balance on the way to overstated angles

Tensul put a focus on materials and geometry when designing these pieces.  I say pieces because once I show you the case it comes in, you’ll understand how it’s literally a work of art.  I know what you’re thinking, “Dave, these are already amazing, you’re telling me it gets better?”.  The answer is yes.

Tensul not only put their design energy into the clip itself, but also the case and holder.  Lets start off with a picture to wet your appetite:

As you can see, the included case is a hollow block of aluminum.  This wasn’t just chosen randomly.  The case uses aluminum partly because of the design contrast, and partly because of the material.  Aluminum and carbon fiber are both commonly used together in their applications.  Tensul also points out that aluminum used to be extremely expensive, but industrial advancements have made it more common.  Carbon composites are poised to do the same because of the great benefits and millions spent on research to improve manufacturing processes.

Aside from the case, the money clip also comes on an aluminum holder which works through a clever method of bending an edge down to remove the clip.

Every aspect of the design and packaging of this product is done so for a reason.  It’s one of those things that you’re glad you spent money on and just want to show everybody how neat it is.  It is a piece of art that can be used.

If you’d like to learn more, browse our collection of Tensul money clips here.

Take a look at the video overview we did to really get a good idea how these look and reflect the light:

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.