This Month in Carbon Fiber: May 2013

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CFG Updates

New Format for This Week in Carbon Fiber

We’ve decided that rather than post a weekly update, we’re going to move to a monthly format.  Starting this month, we’ll have all of the updates in the world of carbon fiber posted in one monthly post such as this one.  We’ll have the full months coverage of industry news as well as any related updates from CFG such as new products, promotions, etc.

New Carbon Fiber Key Tag

Attach your keys to this carbon fiber key tag to class them up a bit.  Pre-preg carbon fiber on both sides, protected by a UV-resistant dome coat and precision CNC cut with a leather strap makes this a great accessory.

Carbon fiber key tag

New Torgoen Carbon Fiber Watches

We’ve expanded our collection of watches from Torgoen with real carbon fiber dials!  We now offer 9 different models, which can see all of them here.  For those not familiar with Torgoen, the company was created by aviation enthusiasts with a mission to create a line of professional pilot watches.

Carbon Fiber Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

Rumor has it that Samsung has sold over 10 million S4’s in just the first month of being released.  That’s a lot of you guys that need a case, and what better way to accent such a high-end phone with a high-end material like carbon fiber.  We’ve already got two case options for you:

Ion StealthRanger

Ion StealthRanger Carbon Fiber Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

This unique design adds to the high-tech look of carbon fiber.

Cygnett UrbanShield

Cygnett UrbanShield Carbon Fiber Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

The UrbanShield design is not a new one, we’ve carried the case for the iPhone 5 for a long time…and now it’s ported over to the S4!

Fathers Day

Fathers Day is June 16th, and we know many of your dads would love some carbon fiber.  We put together a great promotion that lasts though Fathers Day (2013) where any orders over just $55 will get a free Stealth Black carbon fiber pen (valued at $39.95).  Great way to get a bonus gift for dad, or just keep it yourself.  Just click the banner at the top of the site for full details.

Carbon fiber stealth pen

Industry News

We’ve partnered with the folks at Composites World to bring you monthly updates in the more technical world of carbon fiber.  Here’s what’s new this month:

DowAksa to invest $1 billion in carbon fiber production over next five years

News service Bloomberg says DowAksa will spend $1 billion in carbon fiber-related projects over five years, including in Russia and the U.S.

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SAMPE 2013 this Month in Long Beach, Calif.

SAMPE 2013 was held May 6-9 at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center in Long Beach, Calif., USA.

Surface Generation opens Taiwan demonstration facility

With Taiwanese partner UNIC Technology, the provider of advanced composites processing technologies will begin its expansion into Asia by opening a dedicated facility that will showcase its patented Production to Functional Specifications (PtFS) compression molding process.

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Airbus begins A350 XWB lightning strike tests

Airbus conducted electromagnetic hazard evaluations of its second A350 XWB flight test aircraft in mid-April. More tests will continue in 2014 on other test craft.

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GE Aviation opens composites facility in Mississippi

GE Aviation’s new composites plant in Ellisville, Miss., USA, will eventually employ 250 people and produce carbon fiber composite parts for the LEAP jet engine and the Passport jet engine.

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Susanne Klatten elected chairperson of SGL Supervisory Board

Entrepreneur Susanne Klatten, who has recently increased her stake in carbon fiber manufacturer SGL Carbon SE, has, as expected, been named chairperson of the company’s Supervisory Board.

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A350 XWB MSN001 debuts with new livery

Airbus has painted the first A350 XWB (MSN001) as it prepares the aircraft for its maiden flight this summer.

A350 XWB MSN001 debuts with new livery

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Boeing rolls out first 787 at increased production rate

Boeing has debuted the first 787 Dreamliner to be built at the increased production rate of seven airplanes per month.

Boeing rolls out first 787 at increased production rate

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Lightning strike article amplification: TFP supplies lightning strike materials

Adding to the lightning strike protection feature article in High-Performance Composites’ May 2013 issue, TFP’s metal-coated fiber veils and mats are suitable for many EMI shielding, static protection and lightning strike applications.

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Norco opens advanced composites manufacturing facility

U.K.-based Norco, which has traditionally focused on glass fiber composites, is expanding into high-performance applications and has opened a new facility to serve that market.

Norco opens advanced composites manufacturing facility

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Northrop Grumman gives Quickstep’s F-35 parts the thumbs up

Northrop Grumman, which makes the composite center fuselage for the F-35, says Australian supplier Quickstep Technologies has demonstrated that it is qualified to manufacture composite parts for the structure.

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FORMAX announces recycled fiber products

A new recycling division is creating multiaxial fabrics using recycled glass and carbon fiber.

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MIT team develops carbon fibers coated with carbon nanotubes

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have produced carbon fibers coated with carbon nanotubes that reportedly do not compromise the mechanical integrity of the base fibers.

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United Airlines returns 787 Dreamliner to service

Following months of grounding in the wake of problems with the aircraft’s lithium-ion batteries, United’s first repaired 787 flew from Houston to Chicago.

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New composites training facility to open in New Hampshire

Albany Engineered Composites and Safran Aerospace Composites will co-locate a new manufacturing plant at the Advanced Technology & Academic Center, in Rochester, N.H., which will provide training in composite materials and fabrication.

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Solar Impulse lands at Dallas-Ft. Worth airport in journey “Across America”

The solely solar-powered aircraft’s developers say the Phoenix-to-Dallas leg of what they described as an “historic journey” set an absolute-distance world record for solar-powered aviation.

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Aeroindustryjobs: Jobs of the month, May, 2013

Week of April 30: Aerospace composites job opportunities at Rogers Corp., Chobham, Spintech Ventures, Hexcel and ITT Exelis.

Week of May 7: Aerospace job opportunities at HITCO Carbon Composites, UTC Aerospace Systems, Barrday Inc., Matrix Composites and TenCate Advanced Composites USA.

Week of May 14: Aerospace industry job opportunities at Coneybeare, Aero Precision Industries, GE Aviation, Mitsubishi Rayon Carbon Fiber and Composites Inc. and Renegade Materials Corp.

Week of May 21: Aerospace job opportunities at Intertek, HITCO Carbon Composites Inc., Cytec Engineered Materials, Hexcel and Boeing.

Week of May 29: Aerospace industry job opportunities at M.C. Gill Corp., Northern Composites Inc., ITT Exelis, Coneybeare Inc. and PinPoint.

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.