The Subwing: Carbon Fiber Helping You Swim Like a Fish

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Water sports aren’t for everyone. But when they’re this fun and easy (well, at least it looks easy), who can resist? What you’re seeing here is called the Subwing. Invented by water sport enthusiast Simon Siversten, the Subwing works essentially like a fish’s fin and its made out of a 6K twill carbon fiber in combination with epoxy glue.

Carbon fiber Subwing

During a trip with his father and brother where the three set off to Italy from Turkey by sailboat, Simon gazed into the clear water of the Greek islands, dreaming up what would now come to be the Subwing.

“The SUBWING is basically two connected wings that can be rotated independently of each other, which are being towed by a boat with a person hanging on. The speed varies about 2-4 knots, which means that even a small boat with a less powerful engine will have no problem towing the SUBWING.”

The Subwing doesn’t sound too difficult to maneuver either and it is attached to a boat with a recommended rope length of about 15 meter. When the user presses the device down, it will cause a dive-like motion while pulling it up, pulls the user to the surface. Turning it left, will make you go left and turning right, will make you go right. Simple enough but here is my big dilemma, breathing. I can hardly hold my breath for more than 20 seconds, so how much fun would my ride be, having to come up for air twice a minute? Oxygen tank anyone?

Carbon fiber Subwing

The Subwing is available in a few different styles, two of which are made out fiberglass and the rest out of carbon fiber. The Subwing Carbon Glossy, is just that, a glossy carbon fiber model, which is actually their top model and the most expensive as well. Opposite of the glossy, is a matte version subsequently called the Subwing Carbon Matte. The newest edition to the carbon fiber line is the Subwing Black Painted Carbon which is still made out of carbon fiber, but is painted on top. The Subwing’s range in price from $700 for the fiber glass versions and between $840-895 for the carbon fiber versions and you can buy them here.

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Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.
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