Santa Sleigh Concept Gets Pimped Out With Carbon Fiber

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For the holidays, GE created a viral site where they developed a new sleigh concept for Santa utilizing 10 key technologies.  First and foremost, they made the sled out of their specialized carbon fiber composite materials to make it lighter than metal, but just as strong.  GE also uses carbon fiber composites on their jet engines.

GE Santa sleigh concept

Carbon fiber wasn’t the only GE technology that was utilized, they also pimped out Santa’s sleigh with the following:

Icephobic Coatings

Sprayed on the exterior of the sleigh to prevent ice buildup while traveling through new fallen snow.  GE’s nano scientists have engineered special coatings that are so ice and water repellant water literally bounces off of it.

Self-Powered OLED Lighting

Placed in the front of the sleigh, this lighting will help increase visibility from Santa.  GE is partnering with a thin-film battery company to make OLEDs that don’t required a power outlet, making illumination possible in the most remote locations.

Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs)

Ultra-light, super durable sleigh blades made from CMCs instead of metal will enable more efficient flight and cut down on rooftop ‘clatter.’  CMCs are another composite material GE is developing to reduce the weight of their aircraft engines.

GE Sodium Batteries

Will store energy and provide supplemental power for the sleigh, offering Santa’s reindeer well deserved breaks on their long journey.  GE is launching a new battery business to make these batteries for a hybrid locomotive and many other exciting transportation and power applications.

GE’s Trip Optimizer

Smart cruse control right on the sleigh’s dashboard to optimize Santa’s travel around the globe.  Railroad locomotive operators are now using GE’s technology to optimize their train’s momentum to save 10% in fuel.

Wearable RFID Sensor

Worn on his red suit to check that those last glasses of milk left out all evening haven’t spoiled.  GE’s sensor can detect airborne chemical agents in the air and one day, could analyze someone’s breath and serve as an earlier indicator of disease.

500 GB Holographic Disc

Packing the storage of 200 DVDs, Santa can more compactly store the miles-long list of children’s Christmas wishes.  A few years from now, you might find GE’s holographic discs in your stocking or under the Christmas tree with all of your favorite holiday movies on a single disc.

Wireless Medical Sensor

To monitor Santa’s breathing and make sure he is his jolly old self.  GE scientists have developed a sensor that can measure individual heartbeats without any wires or attachments.

Asset Intelligence Tracking Tech

Santa’s elves at the North Pole can keep track of Santa’s whereabouts and the condition of his gift inventory at all times.  GE researchers are developing this intelligent platform for truck and rail fleet operators who transport goods.

[Source: Core77]

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