Metabo P’7911 Porsche Designs Carbon Fiber Multihammer

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German toolmaker Metabo has teamed up with Porsche Design to create the P’7911 multihammer tool. Metabo’s ultimate goal was to have good design meet indestructibility, to create the perfect rotary hammer. Its key functions to hammer drill in stone, chisel, drill in wood and metal, and screwing.

Metabo Porsche Design P'7911 multihammer

The housing is made up of aluminum and carbon fiber, allowing the P’7911 to be lighter than competitors (3.2 kg). On top of that, ergonomics was a key factor. You’ll notice that the handle is actually located on the top of the multihammer, not on the bottom. This patented concept allows for better conctrol with an equal amount of delivery power. The unit can be inverted when drilling above shoulder height.

Metabo Porsche Design P'7911 multihammer

A simple switch allows you change which function of the drill you want to use. It also features an automatic safety clutch which limits the jerky reverse torque that can occur when the tool gets jammed.

We found that the P’7911 was available for sale at the time of writing directly from Metabo on Amazon for $229.95 with a list price of $968.

P'7911 on Amazon