Limited Edition Mercedez-Benz Carbon Fiber Bicycle

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While a little outdated, still worthy of writing about on here.  Back in 2006 Mercedes-Benz had a bike collection, in which their flagship model was a $3,670 ultra-lightweight carbon fiber frame.

Mercedes-Benz carbon fiber bicycle

The bike frame weighs just 18 pounds, and is targeted at both amateurs and professional cyclists.  As with a Mercedes vehicle, you can expect high-end components to be used.  The bike utilizes a Shimano (Dura-Ace) drive system, gears, brakes, and wheels.

Mercedes-Benz carbon fiber bicycle

Only 199 units were made, so consider yourself lucky if you’re able to find one.

Mercedes-Benz carbon fiber bicycle

[Source: eMercedesBenz]

  • SG

    Do i hear giveaway? =)

  • Hayden Howard


  • RM

    18 pounds! That thing is a pig, top end bikes are closer to 10-12 lbs these days. There are sub 10 lbs bikes but they are insane.

  • Ray

    RM is correct, that is fudgen HEAVY! My steel bike is lighter than that.

  • Albert

    I want this!!!

  • Supafly46

    to be legal to race in a UCI sanctioned event the bike must weigh a minimum of 6.8kg, or 14.99lbs. Going under 14lbs is not the hard today given a lot of production frames are sub 1kg, hell my 2009 Scott is 940 grams for the frame!