Interested In a Carbon Fiber iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus Case?

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Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.

We originally launched this page before we had any carbon fiber cases available for the iPhone 6/6+, but now we do!  See our collection of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ cases.

Additionally, you’ll find some release information as we came up with cases through the end of 2014 (please click the links blow for the latest available options).

See iPhone 6 casesSee iPhone 6+ cases

Latest Release Information (through 2014, see links above for latest available options)

December 11th, 2014

We now have an officially licensed Ferrari carbon fiber case for the iPhone 6 Plus, available here.

We have stopped taking pre-orders for the monCarbone HoverKoat case due to availability issues.  We expect these to be in-stock and readily available sometime in mid-late January.

We have 100% real carbon fiber cases arriving very shortly for both the 6 and 6 Plus.

October 28th, 2014

Officially licensed cases from BMW and Ferrari are now available for the iPhone 6.

Ferrari and BMW carbon fiber case for iPhone 6

October 22nd, 2014

The Ion StealthRanger case for the iPhone 6 Plus is now available for pre-order, ready to ship by around mid-November.

October 20th, 2014

We have quite a bit of news for today.  The first is a new release, the Element Case Ion 6 is here and ready to ship, this is a great bang for buck case that has real carbon fiber on the back:

Element Case Ion Carbon Fiber Case for iPhone 6


Next up is actually a pre-order announcement for the new monCarbone HoverKoat case for both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus (our first iPhone 6 Plus option).  This case is actually made out of 100% Kevlar rather than carbon fiber, but is still extremely light and slim.  We are accepting pre-orders now and are expecting to ship around the end of November.

monCarbone HoverKoat iPhone 6 Kevlar Case


September 26th, 2014

Around the end of October we’ll have the Element Case Sector series for the iPhone 6.  Here’s a sneak peak at that:

Element Case Sector Pro iPhone 6

September 22nd, 2014

Ion cases for the iPhone 6 (4.7″) are here and ready to ship!  You can find the Predator in gold and silver and the StealthRanger in black and white.

Ion StealthRanger carbon fiber case for the iPhone 6

Ion Predator carbon fiber case for the iPhone 6


September 19th, 2014

A lot of people are waiting on this one, the Element Case Ion 6 for the iPhone 6 (4.7″) should be here and ready to ship by the early October.  Here’s a sneak peak:

Element Case Ion 6 carbon fiber case for iPhone 6

We also just received notification that the first batch of cases from Ion Factory will be here next week!  Look for the ability to pre-order soon.

September 17th, 2014

We have another case in the works which will be available in the near future, the Fusion Carbon Core Reloaded:

Fusion Carbon Core

This shell of this case will definitely be available in black and white, other colors are still TBD.

September 15th, 2014

The first case release is coming soon, we have a couple models for the iPhone 6 (4.7″) coming from Ion by the end of the month.  We have the StealthRanger in both black and white:

Ion StealthRanger carbon fiber case for the iPhone 6

Also, the Predator in silver and gold:

Ion Predator carbon fiber case for the iPhone 6

We’ll update as soon as these are available for ordering.

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.
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    • Thanks for letting us know about an issue. We just tested in Chrome (PC) and it worked ok. Are you on Mac? What exactly is the problem you are seeing?

      • JayDub

        Yes chrome on a mac. Worked fine in firefox.

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  • Cole

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  • Troy Swindells-Grose

    What about ITSkins – love my old iPhone 5 case and am hoping to get one from them for my iPhone 6?

    • The Fusion Carbon Core Reloaded case listed above is from ITSkins. As of right now it will be the only option available for the iPhone 6.

  • Michael Board

    I just purchased the Sector case. The packaging mentions that it is drop tested to military standard 810g. What tests qualify this rating?