Giants’ Jon Beason Turns to Carbon Fiber Footwear After Injury

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Athletes will do almost anything to get back on the field after an injury, especially if that team is having trouble keeping other offenses from scoring at will. That’s why Jon Beason, starting middle linebacker for the New York Giants, turned to a series of double-carbon-fiber-plated cleats in the aftermath of an injury suffered in Organized Team Activities (OTAs) back in June.

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Working with a broken sesamoid bone and torn ligaments in his right foot, of which he re-injured during their Week 2 matchup against the Arizona Cardinals, Beason’s only road to recovery seemed to come in the form of what he once considered a “secret weapon.”

“This is what got me back,” Beason said in an interview with, pointing to the custom cleats. He’d previously referred to them as “glass slipper[s],” adding, “I feel confident in where we are in terms of what I am going to wear for a game, whether it’s turf or grass, and I should be able to go out and get the job done.”

He showed them off in his return against the Philadelphia Eagles, looking rusty and sluggish, only accounting for three combined tackles and a batted pass.

Some would say he was rusty from the time off. Others might point to the fact that the shoes weren’t as flexible as Beason would’ve liked for them to be.

“This is what I’m giving up to play,” he lamented, bending the boot, or at least trying to. (Typically used for its steel-like strength, carbon fiber isn’t known for its pliability, unless specially treated.)

Close-up cleat sideview

As reported by, Beason actually fell over on a play early in the game as he struggled to find his form. And even though the three time Pro Bowler steadily improved as the game went on, playing 56 of the defense’s 72 snaps — impressive for someone coming back from injury — the footwear fairytale ended the following week.

He left the Dallas game early. Same injury. Only this time it required surgery. His season was over.

Close-up cleat backview

It’s unclear whether the carbon fiber cleat made matters worse for Beason or if it’s the only reason why the linebacker was able to get out there at all – it’s likely his foot would’ve gone caput regardless of its armor. Either way, it’s a sad state of affairs for a veteran player and proof that, for all its highly-regarded qualities and characteristics, carbon fiber isn’t the cure-all for the many maladies found in the world.

Not yet anyway…

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