Forza 4 Steering Wheel With Carbon Fiber for the Ultimate Gamer

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Keeping up with the Jones’ can be tough in the video game world but hey, we all have our vices. And for those of you who can’t get enough of Forza Motorsport, the soon to be released (ETA 10/11/11) Forza 4 looks awesome, at least from what we have seen.  Sometimes though, the accessories for the game are just as important as the game itself.

Back in June at E3 2011 in the Forza Motorsport section of the Xbox booth, new wheels compatible with Forza 4 made their debut appearance and there were two we really had our eyes on. The two wheels, from Fanatec, “Forza Motorsport CSR” and “Forza Motorsport CSR Elite” were designed to offer an even more realistic and better driving experience for users. Below are some highlights and differences between the two wheels:


  • Improved force feedback electronics and mechanics make the wheel stronger and faster
  • Metal CSR shifter set and large metal paddle shifters make shifting gears easier than ever
  • Lightweight aluminum wheel rim with Alcantara inserts allow faster, more responsive turns


  • Wheel base fully made of metal with carbon fiber and Alcantara wheel rim
  • DirectSensor technology with sensor mounted directly on the steering axis. This avoids all the interference and performance loss you get from the belt/gear drive found on traditional motor-mounted sensor systems
  • Dual force feedback motors with 120Watt (silent big fan cooling) and very low cogging force to avoid “notchy” feeling”

Fanatec Forza 4 CSR Elite steering wheel with carbon fiber

The carbon fiber plate found on the CSR Elite wheel may not add anything to the wheel except aesthetic pleasure and a more “exotic car” look but we are not complaining. Pricing, availability, and additional details for both the Forza Motorsport CSR and the CSR Elite will be announced later this year and is said to be released sometime in October 2011.   We’re of course most interested in the CSR Elite, pricing is estimated to be around $320-700 once it’s released.

Fanatec Forza 4 CSR Elite steering wheel with carbon fiber

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    Hi there, Just wondering if i can buy from this site and get a forza 4 carbon fibre steering wheel and pedals. If so how much postage please. Thanks

  • Karen

    Sorry im from new zealand