Carbon Fiber Xbox 360 Controller

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Those standard white Xbox 360 controllers just not doing it for ya?  Check out what one forum member by the alias of MueMue on R&G Online did:

Carbon fiber Xbox 360 controller

Carbon fiber Xbox 360 controller

Carbon fiber Xbox 360 controller

MueMue used the shell of an extra controller to create the mold.  Not too shabby of a job!  I can’t read German, so if there are any more details, feel free to read the forum and post them in the comments here.  Just thought it would be something cool I’d share with you guys.

[Source: Engadget]

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.
  • Ray

    No place to put the battery pack?


    ur a freakin retard!!!!!!!!!GO CUBS

  • Jordan

    Im also interested in buying one of these…..where can get one?????

  • michelle

    i really need 3 of these for my bf for xmas. can ya help me out?

  • phil

    where dose the battery pack go? and if its wired were is the wire??????

  • MueMue

    hello, I put 2 Akkus inside . i removed the vibration motors.

    take a look =)

    bye Mue

  • Jason

    obviously a fake, where is battery plug in? Not even rasied on back side for battery to attach!!

  • Jason

    I was wrong can be done by swapping wired remote bottom, but has to be plugged in with play and chrge kit. So, its not really a wireless remote

  • matthew

    are you all retarded
    its not a fake
    what he has done is removed the vibration motors replaced em with batteries then just attached it to the controller board….. it doesnt need to be plugged into a plug n play kit it charges by doing that
    its kind of like intergrating the rechargable battery pack into it

  • Jerry

    I would really like to see the process in how he made this.
    What are the chances of that happening.

  • RMcarbonfibre

    we make carbon covered shell for the xbox controller and we make a carbon stick on cover all are real carbon and can make it in different colours

    • Jerry

      Where is a link to your products? I am interested.

    • James

      Same here… How much and where’s the link?

  • tim

    how much is it and what is the number so i can call it to get the carbon shell

  • David

    how did you make it appear carbon fibre ive been doing projects where im spraing things at school and i would like to get that effect if you can help me that would be very much appreaciated. 🙂

  • Jonathan

    I need one…
    though i already have a simulated carbon fiber one with the radiation symbol thingy on it, with the right thumbstick in the center; it’s really pretty cool

  • Amando

    Ok so I’ve been interested in making a 360 controller mold as well I’ve seen videos on two part molds but not sure what would work do you have any tips or maybe a how to video maybe I could be an apprentice or something I’ve got some wicked ideas kit me up and let me know nice work and much appreciated man keep it up

  • Rmcarbonfibre

    Carbon skinned controllers will be on eBay in next few weeks we also have a real carbon fibre cover to go over the front of your controller tht will be on eBay in next few weeks too retailing at 24.99 nice shiny carbon no fakes here

  • 3 years later and all I can find is cheap hydro-dipped and painted on patterns. Is anybody making real carbon fiber controller shell?

    • Drewskie

      give me some time

    • Drewskie

      Stephen are you still looking for a real carbon fiber controller shell for an xbox 360?