Concept Bag with Flexible Carbon Fiber from Douchebags

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I’ll start this off by introducing a company you may or may not have heard of, Douchebags.  The Norwegian company makes bags that are developed through a collaboration of skiers, snowboards, surfers, designers, engineers and airport baggage handlers.   The idea is to build bags that are not only protective, but are lightweight, can adjust in length, have a compressible design and are innovative.

Now bring in professional freeskier and alpine ski racer Jon Olsson, who happens to be a founder of Douchebags, and a huge fan of carbon fiber.  In fact, you may have seen his 800hp carbon fiber Audi R8 roaming around:

Jon Olsson carbon fiber Audi R8

Partnering with Carbitex, Jon Olsson and Douchebags developed a prototype bag (Called the Carbon Concept) made out of a new flexible carbon fiber material for the ISPO show.  The idea was to experiment with this new material.  Normally when we think of a carbon fiber products, the carbon fiber has been impregnated with a resin and cured as a solid/hard piece.  With the Carbitex material, it allowed them to use real carbon fiber, but the bag remains flexible, strong and lightweight.

Douchebags Carbitex carbon fiber concept bag

Douchebags Carbitex carbon fiber concept bag

Keep in mind that this is a concept right now, but a production version is in the works, with no word on pricing just yet.  We’ll be sure to stay tuned.