Brabus Brings Carbon Fiber to Private Jets

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Just when you thought a private jet couldn’t get any more luxurious. Brabus, the worlds largest automobile customization brand, has recently introduced Brabus Private Aviation services. For over 35 years, customers have been able to depend on Brabus to customize and design their cars and yachts based on individuals preferences. Now, due to popular demand, they can add jets to their resume. And the best part is, they are using carbon fiber throughout the designs.

Brabus carbon fiber private jet

Along with exclusive, tailor-made upgrades to the interior cabin, Brabus can also provide matching exteriors. Clients have the choice to utilize the professional aircraft management services which would allow aircraft owners to personalize their cabins from the ground up or request one of the design lines presented by Brabus Private Aviation’s. And not to worry, all of Brabus Private Aviation services are certifiable in accordance with FAS and EASA regulations.

A few weeks ago in Geneva, Switzerland at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition EBACE 2012, Brabus presented two of the design lines:

The “ELEGANCE” design creates an exclusive, bright atmosphere with a combination of cream-colored BRABUS fine leather, Alcantara and high-end wood applications. As is the case for all BRABUS interiors, the BRABUS PRIVATE AVIATION designers and upholsterers pay particular attention to a perfect finish of the cabin-components down to the very last detail. This encompasses the precise color coordination of all interior components including the elaborately designed wood trim with high-gloss finish.

The “SPORTIVE” design line sets an exciting contrast in the cabin. Its combination of black and gray leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber lends the cabin a fresh and progressive appearance. The perfectly finished carbon-fiber elements and the seat design with red contrasting seams are inspired by the design of exclusive sports cars.

Brabus carbon fiber private jet, interior

“On the outside every inch of the fuselage is refined in detail and a carbon fiber design is applied onto the drift. Once on board the passengers can see specially painted winglets. Different versions of the BRABUS PRIVATE AVIATION exterior design in black, white or grey for all tastes.”

Brabus carbon fiber private jet, interior

While both of these aircraft’s represent the signature design style of Brabus, we obviously know which one we would choose. Gone are the days of bland, white planes. Finally someone got it right and while actual carbon fiber isn’t used on the exterior, the carbon fiber look is there.

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