This Month in Carbon Fiber: September 2015

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Industry News

We’ve partnered with the folks at Composites World to bring you monthly updates in the more technical world of carbon fiber.  Here’s what’s new this month:

Deakin University carbon fiber center sees a successful first year

Australia-based Deakin University recently received an Australian Research Council $4.7 million grant for the new Future Fibers Industrial Transformation Research Hub.

Deakin University carbon fiber center

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Recycling specialist MIT-RCF becomes Carbon Conversions

The name change is designed to emphasize the company’s emphasis on the supply of high-quality, advanced materials.

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Haydale Composite Solutions to evaluate graphene as aircraft lightning strike protector

The 18-month program will evaluate the electrical conductivity of functionalized graphene in a resin matrix for the mitigation in aircraft of electrical current caused by lightning strike.

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Teijin (quietly) announces plans for Sereebo rollout in automotive

This is the vehicle cell Teijin debuted in 2011 to demonstrate the capabilities of its Sereebo process, which is apparently close to commercialization.


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SPE ACCE 2015 show report

Was this the year, finally, for the big break-through for automotive composites? Maybe, depending on to whom one talked or the presentation one heard.

carbon fiber-intensive BMW i8

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Toray Composites to supply carbon fiber prepreg materials for Bell Helicopter

Initially, Toray Composites will supply materials for the Bell 525 Relentless program.

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Atmospheric plasma heading toward commercialization for carbon fiber manufacture

Tennessee-based RMX Technologies says its atmospheric plasma technology can reduce oxidation energy consumption during carbon fiber manufacturing by as much as 75%, and overall carbon fiber production costs by 20%.

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Proterra composite-bodied bus travels 258 miles on single charge

The composite bus aims to be a drop-in replacement for any bus route in the U.S.

Proterra composite-bodied bus

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Thoughts from the head of the GM supply chain

Composites fabricators are hoping for a little of this automotive assembly action.

automotive assembly action

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Fall is officially here — it’s time to start thinking about carbon fiber

CW’s Carbon Fiber conference is held each December and this year will be back in Knoxville, TN, the site of Carbon Fiber 2013

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Port of Port Angeles breaks ground on composites recycling center

The Port of Port Angeles, WA, US, facility will convert carbon fiber composite scrap material into new and useful products.

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Aeroindustryjobs: Jobs of the month, September, 2015

Week of September 1: Aerospace-related job opportunities at Axiom Materials, Chomarat North America, Toray Composites (America), Hexcel and Cobham Composite Products.

Week of September 9: Aerospace-related job opportunities at Plasco Tooling & Engineering, Michelman, Cytec Industrial Materials, and Hexcel.

Week of September 15: Aerospace-related job opportunities at CTL Aerospace, Cobham Composite Products, Hexcel, Toray Composites (America) and Cytec Specialty Chemicals.

Week of September 22: Aerospace-related job opportunities at Soul Composites, All-American Racers, California Polytechnic State University, Raytheon and Hexcel — UK.

Week of September 29: Aerospace-related job opportunities at Arkema Inc., Freedom Innovations, Hexcel, Cytec Industries and Toray Composites (America) Inc.

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.