This Month in Carbon Fiber: March 2016

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Industry News

We’ve partnered with the folks at Composites World to bring you monthly updates in the more technical world of carbon fiber.  Here’s what’s new this month:

JEC World 2016 exhibition and product previews

JEC World 2016 will be held in Paris March 8-10. These are some of the products that will be found at the show.

JEC World 2016

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Future Materials Group to discuss carbon fiber market growth at JEC World

The company will release industry briefings and video commentaries outlining its insights, which propose radical scenarios for the growth of the carbon fiber market through 2034.

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EU group developing carbon fiber wheel manufactured with HP-RTM

The group looks to launch the new wheel in 2018.

carbon fiber wheel

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SGL Group combines fibers and materials into single business unit

The new business unit, named Composites – Fibers and Materials (CFM), is headed by Andreas Wüllner, who also continues as managing director of SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers.

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Cimarron Composites has been granted DOT certification for pressure vessels

This includes carbon fiber over-wrapped pressure vessels.

carbon fiber over-wrapped pressure vessels

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Toho Tenax launches new thermoplastic textile prepreg

It can be used to produce carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics (CFRTP) in 1-meter-width rolls.

new thermoplastic textile prepreg

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4M, Litzler to commercialize plasma oxidation oven

Matt Litzler, president of C.A. Litzler Co., is attending JEC World show in Paris this week to announce the partnership and is exhibiting at booth M32C.

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Teijin sheds more light on Sereebo manufacturing process

Combining a chopped carbon fiber mat with nylon 6 resin, the process will be used to fabricate primary automotive structures in a forthcoming production vehicle.

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SAMPE Paris event highlights composites for auto, infrastructure

Summit Paris 2016, held one day before JEC World 2016, focused on emerging and creative technologies for cars and for bridges.

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CSP, Mitsubishi Rayon establish automotive MOU

Continental Structural Plastics (CSP) and Mitsubishi Rayon’s memorandum of understanding will focus on a joint venture to produce compression molded automotive parts and structures made from carbon fiber composites.

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Arkema, Xenia to develop carbon fiber-based compounds

Italy-based Xenia will work with Arkema to develop a carbon fiber-reinforced grade of Arkema’s Pebax thermoplastic elastomer.

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Giro ski helmet features TeXtreme spread tows

The Avance MIPS ski racing helmet uses spread tow carbon fiber composites to better withstand impact and rotational energies.

Giro ski helmet carbon fiber

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Toho Tenax develops production system for carbon fiber composites

The process combines Toho Tenax’ Part via Preform technology with high-pressure resin transfer molding (HP-RTM) to speed manufacture of carbon fiber composites.

production system for carbon fiber composites

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Haydale, SHD Composite Materials to collaborate on graphene-reinforced prepreg

The materials to be launched include a structural carbon fiber prepreg, a prototyping tooling prepreg and a high-accuracy tooling prepreg.

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ORNL seeks licensees for its low-cost carbon fiber technology

After several years of material and process development, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is ready to license its carbon fiber manufacturing process, which could reduce production costs by up to 50%.

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Major assembly begins on Boeing 787-10

Kawasaki Heavy Industries begins installation of the carbon fiber circular frames into the mid-forward fuselage section.

Boeing 787-10 fuselage

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Recycled carbon fiber to be featured in 125-mile kayak race

A professor at the University of Birmingham (UK) is manufacturing a kayak using recycled carbon fiber composites and will compete in the International Canoe Race.

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2017 Toyota Prius features carbon fiber rear hatch

The carbon fiber composite rear hatch on the latest plugin hybrid from Toyota helps the car achieve an estimated 120 MPGe.

2017 Toyota Prius


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Virgin Group options to buy supersonic jets from Boom

US-based Boom Technology is building a composites-intensive, 40-passenger supersonic jet capable of speeds up to Mach 2.2.

Boom jet

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Aeroindustryjobs: Jobs of the month, March, 2016

Week of March 1: Aerospace-related job opportunities at Eaton, Solvay, Toray Composites (America), Hexcel, and more.

Week of March 8: Aerospace-related job opportunities at Nammo Composite Solutions, Park Electrochemical, Solvay and Hexcel.

Week of March 15: Aerospace-related job opportunities at Northern Composites, Solvay, Toray Composites (America) Inc., Eaton and more.

Week of March 22: Aerospace-related job opportunities at Euro-Comopsites, Northern Composites, Hexcel, Toray Composites (America) Inc. and more.

Week of March 29: Aerospace-related job opportunities at Composite Technology Development (CTD), Solvay, Eaton, Hexcel and Toray Composites (America).

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.