This Month in Carbon Fiber: February 2015

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Industry News

We’ve partnered with the folks at Composites World to bring you monthly updates in the more technical world of carbon fiber.  Here’s what’s new this month:

New aerocomposites niche: Helicopter transmission gears?

A NASA study shows that steel/composite hybrid gears save significant weight, and could mitigate vibration-related noise.

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Report assesses outlook for automotive composites through 2024

Visiongain’s “Automotive Composites Market Forecast 2014-2024” evaluates current and prospective use of composites in low- and high-volume automotive manufacturing.

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Boeing begins erection of 777X wing manufacturing plant

The Puget Sound Business Journal reports that the 120,774-sq-m building is starting to take shape, with manufacture of the carbon fiber composite wings to start in 2016.

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Deakin University carbon fiber center earns quality certification

Australia-based Deakin University says its Carbon Nexus carbon fiber research center has earned the ISO 9001:2008 quality certification.

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AMRC installs Dornier rapier loom for carbon fiber weaving

The University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) will use the loom to assess weave quality for compatibility with the resin transfer molding (RTM) process.

AMRC Composite Centre

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MAN Truck & Bus wins JEC Innovation award using Munich Composites BraidForm technology

CFRP air spring for buses reduces weight 70% vs. steel while Munich Composites’ automated manufacturing with low waste helps hit cost targets.

MAN Truck & Bus

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Australian bike wheel maker wins design grant

Design engineering firm 36T is awarded AUS$25,000 to invest in work with Deakin University on a new lightweight composite wheel set for high-performance bicycles.

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Premium AEROTEC begins A350-1000 rear fuselage production

Premium AEROTEC’s Augsburg, Germany, facility has begun carbon fiber and tape placement in the manufacture of the rear fuselage shell for the forthcoming A350-1000 XWB twin-aisle jet.


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Report: Carbon fiber will be mainstreamed in automotive by 2025

Lux Research says research and development trends in materials and processing indicate that carbon fiber composites will be poised to gain widespread adoption for automotive lightweighting by 2025.

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First 3D printed skiboot uses carbon fiber, wins ISPO award

Windform SP milled carbon fiber polyamide used with laser sintering actualizes patented idea for three different insoles creating better grip and less injuries.

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Aeroindustryjobs: Jobs of the month, February, 2015

Week of February 3: Aerospace industry job opportunities at US Liner Co., Rubbercraft, Toray Composites (Americas), Hexcel and Cytec Specialty Chemicals.

Week of February 10: Aerospace-related job opportunities at Hexcel, GE Aviation, Eaton, Cytec and Exelis.

Week of February 17: Aerospace-related job opportunities at Boeing, CEO Inc., Exelis and Cytec Aerospace Materials.

Week of February 24: Aerospace-related job opportunities at GE Aviation, Exelis, CEO Inc. and Hexcel.
Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.