This Month in Carbon Fiber: December 2013

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CFG Updates

The Hovercoat Plus Carbon Fiber iPhone 5/5S is Finally Here

It’s true, it took over a year in development to finally be here, but, it’s here…we swear.  The Hovercoat Plus is a minimal design, very light and thin case for the iPhone 5 and 5S.  Its new design uses a mixture of carbon fiber and another material called Basalt, this is done to help insure that reception is not affected like previous 100% carbon fiber cases have.

monCarbone Hovercoat Plus carbon fiber iPhone 5/5S case


Cool for Your Keys

We’ve got two new items that you can throw on your keychain to support the carbon fiber movement.  First up is our branded Carbon Fiber Gear solid carbon fiber key tag:

Solid carbon fiber key tag

This is made of 6 layers of real carbon fiber, so it’s strong and light, and we kept the price low on this one!

Next up is a carbon fiber key, which also has a built in 4GB USB drive inside of it:

Carbon fiber key USB drive

100% Carbon Fiber Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Until now, we’ve never had a pure carbon fiber case for the Samsung Galaxy S4:

Carbon fiber case for Samsung Galaxy S4

Extremely minimalist design, you won’t even know this case is on given how light it is…that is, until you look and see how much better looking it made your Galaxy.

Carbon Soft Carbon Fiber Luggage Collection

A new technology from monCarbone has allowed carbon fiber to remain flexible in the Carbon Soft collection.  This 6-piece luggage collection has exteriors made completely of carbon fiber.  The collection is available as a full set, or each piece can be purchased individually.  Pieces start at $625.

monCarbon Carbon Soft carbon fiber luggage collection

Carbon Fiber Business Card Stand

Here’s another great accessory option for any carbon fiber lover, you don’t need a huge budget. Introducing the Carbon Touch carbon fiber business card stand.  This little guy can hold about 20 business cards and has a full carbon fiber exterior.

Carbon fiber business card stand

Industry News

We’ve partnered with the folks at Composites World to bring you monthly updates in the more technical world of carbon fiber.  Here’s what’s new this month:

Quickstep Technologies wins $1 million grant from Australian government

Awarded through the Australian Department of Defense’s New Air Combat Capability Industry Support Program, the funds will help pay for qualification of the Quickstep Process for manufacturing spars for the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter.

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Automotive CFRP: The shape of things to come

CAFE and CO2 emission standards will drive auto OEMs to fully examine the physics of fuel economy, but will that, at last, steer them toward extensive use of carbon fiber composites?

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Harper sells R&D carbon fiber line into Asian facility

An unnamed Asian manufacturer of carbon fiber has acquired one of Harper’s Microline carbon fiber manufacturing systems for use in research and development and pre-production work.

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Quickstep wins C-130J wing flaps contract with Lockheed Martin

Australia-based Quickstep Holdings Ltd. will manufacture and deliver 120 sets of C-130J carbon fiber wing flaps through 2018 at a rate of about 24 sets per year.

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Carbon Fiber 2013: Conference highlights

CompositesWorld’s Carbon Fiber 2013 conference was held Dec. 9-12 in Knoxville, Tenn., USA. CW was there and offers these highlights.

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SGL Group sells its wind blade business

Carbon fiber manufacturer SGL Group will sell its 100 percent stake in wind blade firm SGL Rotec GmbH & Co. KG to an unspecified investor.

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Aeroindustryjobs: Jobs of the month, December, 2013

Week of Dec 3: Aerospace job opportunities at Amtech, Aurora Flight Sciences, Boeing, Cytec Industries and others.

Week of Dec 10: Aerospace industry job opportunities at GE Aviation, ITT Exelis, Cytec Engineered Materials and Hexcel.

Week of Dec 17: Aerospace industry job opportunities at TenCate Performance Materials, Cytec Aerospace Materials, Hexcel and ITT Exelis.

Week of Dec 27: Aerospace industry job opportunities at Cytec Aerospace Materials, Boeing, Hexcel, GE Aviation and others.

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.