The Range Rover Evoque Carbon Fiber Bike

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Time to add another car company to the list of bicycle manufacturers! Just a couple of months ago, we featured Audi’s carbon fiber e-bike Wörthersee and now we have Range Rover’s Evoque concept bike. The Range Rover Evoque itself, is the newest model in the Range Rover family.

Range Rover Evoque Carbon Fiber Bike

The bike was created by the Land Rover design team, led by Gerry McGovern and crafted by Karbona using technology from their experience with Formula 1 cars. McGovern had one goal in mind, “I wanted to create the ultimate accessory for the Range Rover Evoque and what could be more perfect than an utterly contemporary, beautifully designed, bespoke Evoque bike. Like the Range Rover Evoque, the bike not only looks fantastic but is precision engineered for ultimate performance.”

Range Rover Evoque Carbon Fiber Bike

The Evoque bike has a carbon fiber monocoque frame, along with an integrated seat tube, an extra-large carbon fiber handlebar stem, aerospace alloy handlebars and a leather saddle. It also boasts a 20-gear Shimano Ultegra transmission system. Along with the lightweight materials used for a more secure and smooth ride, the bike is detailed with Range Rover and Evoque branding graphics. Just to make sure everyone who sees it knows how luxurious it is!

Range Rover Evoque Carbon Fiber Bike

Clean and contemporary, the Evoque bike truly is the perfect accessory for the Range Rover Evoque car. Either way, you are guaranteed to be riding in style. One is just far more environmentally friendly than the other!

[Source: Bornrich, Bike Reviews, Land Rover]

  • Johnny Bicycle

    This is just an off the shelf Taiwanese made frame with a 3rd or 4th tier Shimano component group that has gotten a white paint job. Google Karbona Zodiac B.
    Too imply that Range Rover had anything to do with the design of this is misleading. To imply that this is a noteworthy carbon fiber product is just wrong.

  • SPtheALIEN

    What Johnny Bicycle said.

    What’s up with them using a 2nd-tier grouppo FROM SEVERAL YEARS AGO?