Taking Carbon Fiber to the Next Level: Below Sea level

Virgin introduces the Necker Nymph which is a carbon fiber aero submarine. It travels underwater up to six knots and can go for two hours. Leave it to Richard Branson!

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly through water? If so, then you have quite the imaginary mind. But we can’t say you are the only one. Earlier this year, Virgin introduced the Necker Nymph; an aero submarine made of carbon fiber which carries three people, one pilot and two guests and can travel at up to six knots underwater, anywhere from 40 minutes to two hours.

Sir Richard Branson, Chairman of Virgin Group, is at it again. Renowned for his Virgin brand which includes Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Records, Branson wanted to be the first one to develop a luxurious craft such as the Necker Nymph. Needless to say, he succeeded.

Manufactured and designed by Graham Hawkes, Chief of Hawkes Ocean Technologies,  the Necker Nymph allows passengers to explore the deep ocean and swim side by side with dolphins without getting their hair wet. Made of carbon fiber, the Necker Nymph measures in at 4.6m (l) x 3.0m (w) x 1.2m (h). The submersible uses downward lift on the wings to fly down to depth and can go 10-30m underwater, depending on your scuba experience level.

Docked at Necker Island in the Caribbean, the Necker Nymph is available to rent, for a measly $25,000 a week. Keep in mind; this is also after you are required to spend $88,000 to stay at the island. A bargain right? If interested in renting, you can find reservation information on the Necker Belle website. Just let us know the date and time to meet you and we will be happy to be your guest for the week!

[Source: BornRich]

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.