New Goodyear Blimps Made with Carbon Fiber

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Bye bye Goodyear Blimp? Not so fast, but they sure need to move over. It seems as though Goodyear is in the process of building a few super advanced carbon fiber Zeppelins. Although Goodyear will still be calling them blimps.

Goodyear zeppelin blimp

The Zeppelins will have aluminum and carbon fiber framework, wrapped in a polyester envelope. The airships are supplied by German zeppelin manufacturer ZLT Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik and are being built with Zeppelin and Goodyear teams at Goodyear’s hangar in Suffield.

Goodyear blimps have been gazed at for over 87 years and they have built and operated more than 300 lighter-than-air vehicles since 1917. This new fleet of blimps are said to be longer, faster and easier to maneuver. 297,527 cubic feet of helium will fill the blimps and have them soaring. They are also supposed to be quieter, making sure not to interfere with Phil or Tiger’s stroke.

Goodyear zeppelin blimp

“This is a major project that requires the dedication and skilled handiwork of these combined teams of airship experts. The result will be the only Zeppelin model airship in North America. It represents a strong investment in Goodyear’s airship program, helping to ensure that Goodyear will remain at the forefront of aerial broadcast coverage and support,” said Nancy Ray, Goodyear’s director of Global Airship Operations.

The first of the zeppelins is currently being built in Akron, Ohio, said to make its way to Florida sometime later this year, with the other two trailing a couple years behind. We are looking forward to seeing the first flight and all its carbon fiber goodness!

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  • Ronster

    Airship Ventures leased a German-built zeppelin and offered sight seeing tours from 2008-12. They were based at one of the old LTA hangars at NAS Moffett Field. Flying in a zeppelin was unlike any other flight I’ve ever taken. I guess the Goodyear zepps will be sisters to the German built aircraft.

    Pix of N704LZ and flight I took on her: