Lamborghini Teases Murcielago Replacement, Expect Lots of Carbon Fiber

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The current Lamborghini Murcielago was released in 2001, and after a 10 year run, is ready to be replaced by the Jota in 2011.  Lamborghini has not shown the new car yet, but has so far released two teaser pictures, showing off quite a bit of raw carbon fiber gorgeousness.  They are planning to release a total of 6 teaser pictures, leading up to an expected debut at Paris Motor Show in early October.  Be sure to bookmark this page as we’ll update it with all of the teaser pictures as they are released:

The first picture looks to be the taillight section of the car:

Lamborghini Jota teaser

The second picture shows what look like a clue to the engine size…a V10.  That’s right, it looks like the Lamborghini V12 engine ends with the Murcielago.

Lamborghini Jota teaser

Update 9/22/10: The third picture was released, it looks to be the dashboard, which looks very unique…and all carbon fiber.  No airbags?  Makes us believe that this in fact a concept car versus the Murcielago replacement.  In fact, the latest rumors say that it is not the Jota.  Sounds like it will be a concept simply to show the massive amount of carbon fiber work that Lamborghini wants to show off since it’s such a big part of their business they are pushing moving forward.

Lamborghini carbon fiber dashboard teaser

Update 9/27/10: Teaser pic #4 was just released, looks to be the center cap with the spokes of the wheel.  The awesome part is they look to be carbon fiber wheels.  We’re really looking forward to final pictures of this car!

Carbon fiber Lamborghini teaser pic #4

Update 9/28/10: Fifth picture was just released the next day (Paris Show is getting closer).  We’re pretty sure this is looking from behind the drivers seat at the steering wheel.

5th Lamborghini concept teaser pic

Last Teaser:

Lamborghini is putting a ton of emphasis on its use of more carbon fiber on the cars.  Rather than pumping more horsepower into it, they are looking to increase performance across the board by lightening the car up (using carbon fiber of course).  The company stated that the cars weight 1,100 pounds more than they did in the mid-eighties due to safety, comfort, and emissions.  Since they cannot reduce safety or comfort in the cars, they are looking to minimize the weight through new materials.  Recently, Lamborghini opened up a new carbon fiber research center to help develop new processes of production.  They even went as far as calling carbon fiber a “perfect material” in their Gallardo LP-570-4 Superleggara teaser video…we’re with you Lambo.

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