Kohler Does Karbon: Silver Carbon Fiber Kitchen Sink Faucet

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Kohler was looking for a new way to really re-brand themselves and make a product that showed off the companies “out of the box” thinking. That’s where the slogan came from: New. Life. Form. Karbon. Utilizing silver carbon fiber, Kohler came out with a really sexy, innovative, and functional sink faucet that’s called Karbon.

The Karbon features a stainless steel and silver carbon fiber design. The unique design also offers 3 pivoting points that literally allow you to point the faucet in whichever direction you’d like. A separate piece to the faucet allows you to change the water from regular to spray.

Kohler Karbon sink faucet closeup

Kohler also had a really amazing looking commercial created which turns spouts of water into the actual faucet, allowing you to see the anatomy of how it all works. See for yourself:

There are a few more videos like the introduction and people using it. Check them out for yourself:

I couldn’t embed this video, but if you’re thinking about buying one, watch this one.

From what I’ve seen, the cost of the faucet is about $800 or so. In the introduction video, the Kohler executive stated that we should expect more carbon fiber to be used in the future. I’m hoping we can expect a “Karbon” line. Either way, the future of carbon fiber is an exciting one.

Be sure to check out our carbon fiber store, where our specialty is in lifestlyle products.
  • Jayred

    This is a perfect example of missappropriated technology. The ONLY usefull application of carbon fiber composite are when weight and strength are paramount. This faucet, while interesting looking, is a fantastic waste of money.

    • It’s good for heat resistance on taps, hence why I’m using it for tap levers on a new design. I agree that here carbon is probably just used as a wrap (correct me if wrong) and is of little design value although its a nice design overall.

  • @Jaryed It’s true that the technology behind carbon fiber is not being utilized in this application….but carbon fiber is also about design. It looks good. There is no harm in using it for its looks 🙂 It just might cost you more for the product.

  • yo that shit waz mad hot B lol

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  • JeremyB

    I build racecar bodies out of carbon fiber and was thinking of making an entire sink for the bathroom out of carbon fiber and even some flooring tiles. It’s a small bathroom. I was inspired to do this after seeing a carbon fiber toilet online.

  • was wanting to do that myself a couple of yrs ago as I had a nice idea for a carbon fibre sink design- but i dont have the expertise with vacuum forming like you must have..