Kawasaki Uses Carbon Fiber to Create Supercharged Hyperbike

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Ninja H2R Face

From the front it looks like a robot, something out of Transformers. From the side, like something you would send to Mars. In a handful of days, at EICMA, Kawasaki will release the street ready version of their Ninja H2R — the Ninja H2 — a motorcycle with a carbon fiber construct that’s a self-described “aerodynamic masterpiece.”

Boasting a supercharged engine and an output of nearly 300hp — for the closed course model — the Kawasaki H2 is a compact hyperbike with unseen acceleration. “When the Ninja H2™R motorcycle was conceived by Kawasaki, the driving concept behind its development was to offer the kind of acceleration most riders had never experienced,” said a statement released by the company on September 30th.

That meant creating a compact engine capable of some serious horsepower, as well as surrounding it with some durable, lightweight materials, just like the one you came here to read about.

Ninja H2 Naked Sideview

Here’s a snippet from that same press release, praising the proficiencies of our all-time favorite composite. “The carbon-fiber upper and lower winglets were designed with assistance from Kawasaki’s Aerospace Company. These parts increase stability when riding in the ultra-high speed range and were critical to the motorcycle’s overall design.”

Translation: Kawasaki couldn’t have built their dream bike without some high quality carbon fiber.

Ninja H2 Sideview

And if you’re sitting there thinking, “So what? It’s just a motorcycle.” Or if speed doesn’t get you excited. Think about this. The H2 get its name from the original H2 Mach IV, the bike that, in 1972, took down the British bike industry for good and established Kawasaki as being the best in the business — and the most exciting — for years to come. And not only that, but this new bike bears the Kawasaki River Mark — seen on the front of the H2R — which is an established symbol of the KHI group and reserved only for models with historical significance.

Remember the moon boots? Yeah, it’s that big.

Right now it’s tough to know whether or not the Ninja H2R, or the street ready H2 will make as much of an impact on the industry as its well-renowned forefather — only time and testing will tell — but with the many eggs that Kawasaki seems to be placing into this one, supercharged basket, and what with all the hype surrounding their masterfully designed and directed teaser videos (see above and below), it’s hard not to see it going their way, and fast.

Either way, we’re just happy to see that carbon fiber is getting another opportunity to shine like it always seems to do.

If you’d like to know more about the Ninja H2, or the H2R, you can visit the product’s official website or you can follow its release on Twitter.

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