It Ain’t Over til the Fat Lady Sings

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It’s not over till the fat lady sings. Only in this case, it’s not an actual human, the ‘Fat Lady’ is one of Morel’s speakers. And these speakers are made with real carbon fiber and fiberglass.

Morel Fat Lady carbon fiber speakers

For over 30 years, Morel has gained serious expertise in the manufacturing of some of the most well known and finest loudspeaker drive units. With the main goal of “make it look good and make it sound good”, Morel definitely hit the target this time.

“The ‘Fat Lady’ represents a journey of discovery for Morel lasting more than 3 years. The goal to develop not only a true high-end loudspeaker but to use that knowledge to introduce a new philosophy and direction for the company.”

Morel Fat Lady carbon fiber speakers

Inspired by Formula One racing cars technology, the ‘Fat Lady’ features carbon fiber. Its curved body is to resemble a musical instrument and has no internal damping at all. The cabinet is empty, designed to vibrate with the drive units and use that energy as part of a reproduced sound. The speakers feature two 9″ woofers, a single 6″ mid range and a 1.1″ hand coated soft dome tweeter. The finish is a high gloss carbon fiber.

Expectations for the new design were high. And according to many reviews and the fact that the ‘Fat Lady’ speakers were proclaimed the winner of the 2009 CES Design and Engineering innovation award, the 2010 FDS Hi-Fi award, and the 2012 Editors Choice for the ‘absolute sound awards’, I’d say the expectations were met. As with most things carbon fiber, these speakers come with a pretty steep price tag of $20,000.

Morel Fat Lady carbon fiber speakers


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