Dunlop Upgrades to Sportmax Q3 with Advanced Carbon Fiber Technology

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Dunlops Sportmax Q2 tires made marks when they were introduced back in 2009. Backed by reputable publications and AMA Road Racing champion Jason Pridmore, the tire was praised the best. So it’s not too surprising that Dunlop would eventually try and out-do themselves, with the new Sportmax Q3. And out-do themselves, they did.

Dunlop Sportmax Q3

The greatest adjustment of the new tire is the addition of carbon fiber. Adding carbon fiber to anything would usually drive up the cost of a product, but not in this case! Due to advances and efficiency in Dunlop’s carbon fiber technology manufacturing processes, the Sportmax Q3 carries the same suggested retail price of the Sportmax Q2. Now that’s impressive!

Dunlops Carbon Fiber Technology is used on the tire sidewalls. Its greatest attributes to the tire are high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion, all a perfect match for a racing tire. Dunlop explains that extensive testing illustrated that the Sportmax Q3 exhibits exceptional cornering stability, especially at high lean angles, responsive and precise steering characteristics, and predictable and smooth transitional-steering performance for more confidence-inspiring handling.  Although it would look cool on the outside of the tire, the carbon fiber is on the inside so you will not see it.

Dunlop Sportmax Q3

The Sportmax Q3 also sports a new tread pattern, which has fewer but longer grooves. And again, after extensive testing, Dunlop says that these extended-length grooves provide the key for greatly enhanced wet-weather performance. They also help route water away more effectively from the contact patch, and this efficient evacuation of water offers a gain in wet performance over the Q2.

The Sportmax Q3 is available now in the US in a few different sizes. With added benefits and the introduction of carbon fiber technology, all at the same price as the Q2, whats not to love!


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  • k1DBLITZ

    Just put a set of these on the R6 and anxious to try them out!