Custom Carbon Fiber and Kevlar Ford Emblem How-To

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When we found out one of our partners made a custom Ford emblem with carbon fiber and orange Kevlar, we had to ask if he could put together a little behind-the-scenes article for us.  We thought it would be something you guys would be interested in seeing how something like this is done.  Here’s what we’ll be making:

Close up of carbon fiber Ford emblem

Here’s a step-by-step that shows how it went from nothing to something:

Busted Ford emblem that needed some bondo work to use as a mold to make custom emblems:

Ford emblem

Getting the right size pieces of Kevlar cut. Kevlar is very hard to cut and requires special scissors and the tape keeps the weave from distorting:

Cutting Kevlar

Wet laying orange Kevlar. The white tape on the edges keeps the weave from distorting, it is later trimmed off:

Wet laying orange Kevlar

After the Kevlar was cured and removed. The same was done with carbon fiber:

Wet laying carbon fiber

Here I setup vacuum bagging and this is before vacuum is applied:

Before vacuum is applied

Enveloping and vacuum bagging ensures a perfect molded part without air bubbles:

Vacuum bagging carbon fiber

Using wax on the mold, left an outline of the relief pattern so the ring and Ford lettering could be cut out:

Ford lettering outline

Here’s a rough cut out. Next was hours spent hand sanding and filing to get the shapes right:

Rough cut out of carbon fiber Ford emblem

The Ford lettering was waxed and set in bondo so that the outline of the lettering could be cut out without it moving around:

Ford lettering

Here are the two materials cut out and coming together:

Carbon fiber and Kevlar together

Materials together with logo

The first steps of building up the clear coat. I decided to build up and have a smooth finish, however letting the relief show though would have been pretty sweet too!

Clearcoating carbon fiber Ford emblem

Close up on the detail with the final smooth finish:

Close up of carbon fiber Ford emblem

Here it is on the truck, however the pics don’t do it justice, it’s much better in person 🙂

Carbon fiber Ford emblem on truck

Carbon fiber Ford emblem on truck

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  • Rik

    Nice can I pay someone to make me a silver and black one?

  • carter

    Agree withe Rik, can I pay you to make me one in Red and Black? You did an awesome job and I haven’t seen anything like this on the market.