College Students Design Carbon Fiber Electric Motorcycle

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Electric motorcycles are far more scarce on the road then electric cars these days. But companies like Zero and Brammo have been making it easier and easier for American consumers to get their hands on one. And now, five students from the University of Life Sciences in Oslo, Norway have come together and built a carbon fiber electric motorcycle prototype, with every intention to one day manufacture and sell.

Called the Roskva, the hope and idea behind the bike is to help make electric bikes more mainstream. It has a full carbon fiber frame, helping to keep the weight under 25kg (about 55lbs). The rims, swing arm and drive system are also made from carbon fiber. With so much carbon fiber usage on the bike, it’s no wonder the bike comes with environmentally friendly advantages. All of the bikes components are designed to eliminate the energy loss.

Roskva carbon fiber electric motorycle

The bike’s 94 horsepower motors allow for a top speed of about 110 MPH with a maximum range around 60 miles. And because of carbon fiber’s high end costs, the designers opted for lithion-iron phosphate batteries which are cheaper but allow for a sufficient lifespan.

Roskva’s vision is clearly stated, “Roskva gives the owner the sensation of owning something handmade and unique, as opposed to the typical japanese motorcycle; that indescribable feeling which makes you smile without knowing why. Roskva will stand out and attract attention by having a different and modern design compared to the conventional motorcycle of today.”

While there is still no word on pricing or when we can actually expect to see the Roskva go into production, its carbon fiber, sporty design is sure to offer one hell of a ride. What do all of you motorcycle enthusiasts think of the Roskva? Do you hope the five students are able to bring this prototype to fruition?

The company website dedicated to the Roskva goes into great detail about their use of carbon fiber which you can learn more about here. You can also follow them on Facebook to keep up with the bikes progress.

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